What They Said

Jim Zorn and Clinton Portis claim to have patched things up. Here are some quotes from today.

"I've seen that before so I know what good can come out of it and what bad can come out of it," Rock Cartwright said. "We squashed it. Coach Zorn touched on it during the team meeting. We're moving forward."

--Rock Cartwright

"Clinton's going to be Clinton. That's not gonna change. We know Clinton. It's just a matter of everyone else getting to know Clinton. It won't be a distraction."

--Fullback Mike Sellers

"They'll work it out. They're both competitive guys. They wear their emotions on their sleeves. They'll fully resolve it. They have more in common than they have differences."

--Guard Pete Kendall

"I wouldn't be up here answering this [if Jim Zorn had talked to him Monday], but at the same time he said what he had to say and I understand his point and where he's coming from. I tried to get him to understand… I've been calling him a genius all year. All of a sudden it makes headlines."

--Running back Clinton Portis

"I'm not going anywhere. I love the Washington D.C. area. Me and Obama got big plans for the next four years so I'll be here."


"We're not gonna sever ties. I'm a Washington Redskin. I love [Owner Dan] Snyder and he loves me. That's my man. Coach has an appreciation for me. [Tuesday] was the aggravation of losing four games. Everybody wants to win. We've both got egos."


"Me and coach Zorn have a pretty good relationship. We're gonna continue to have one. He ain't going nowhere; I don't think I'm going nowhere. I'm gonna speak my mind so it's gonna cause trouble every now and then."


"I've always told him he is an every-down back. He's not a back I want to take out of the game. He knows I believe this, that he gives you everything he's got and he truly does on the field."

--Coach Jim Zorn

"I don't feel that at all [that is job is on the line]. That would be hard to live with. But I don't know that's out there. Really, it won't be up to me. I'm going to do better than what I was hired for. …I'm ready to be here for a long time. We're trying to build a foundation and build something with substance, not just a little toothpick house or little glass walls. We want something solid here. I feel very comfortable."


"We discussed the comments that he made yesterday and most of hi s comments, if you read it without all the 'genius' comments and all that stuff, but if you read it without all the emotion packed with it, he really was confused about where he stood and about the protection fronts. He would say he had it down, but the questions that were being asked or comments that were being made, that was what we were trying to discuss and in the discussion, the real issue is: Just come in and talk."


"When you have a problem and you need to go public, first you take it to the head coach or first take it to the position coach or first take it to the offensive coordinator. We're all willing to talk to anybody on our team. There's a protocol. I shouldn't have to try to seek that out"


"Clinton will be OK regardless. You know Clinton. You know he speaks his mind and says what needs to be said. When have you seen him change? There have been numerous things that have come up since I've been here with him. At the end of the day whatever he says he's still gonna go out there and hit someone in the mouth and still go out and take a million hits and still be the guy that when you catch the ball downfield he'll knock someone downfield for you. He never stops what he has to do. He just expresses his feelings differently than other guys."

--Santana Moss

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