Davis deserves better ending

Running back Stephen Davis wasn't ready to face the future. Especially one that didn't include the Redskins. So when Davis was asked after the game if he had carried the ball for the last time with Washington, he appeared stunned. He wasn't ready to confront that reality. And later he said he didn't want to answer the question because he had to be political.

Then he showed how hard it will be for him to leave: as he walked away from a private conversation, he started to choke up as he pondered his future.

Davis dislocated his right shoulder in Sunday's 34-21 loss to the Eagles and, afterward, Redskins coach Steve Spurrier said Davis likely would miss the final two games. With a hefty contract for next season, Davis' future here is in doubt.

It's a shame Davis' career might end this way--he was still awaiting results of his MRI on Monday and remained cautiously optimistic that he could play again. While he hasn't meant as much to Washington as Darrell Green, Davis has still provided enough moments to be rewarded with a nice ovation from the fans.

Instead he might end up on the sidelines, the fans unable to show their appreciation for his efforts as the starting running back the past four seasons. He played as hard as anyone, taking a pounding and loving it. Powerful Davis runs inspired his teammates, even those on the sidelines.

When he was used right, or often, the Redskins usually won. When he wasn't, the Redskins usually didn't. Defenses feared him because he always managed to get the extra yard, so they'd stack the line of scrimmage.

Davis usually gave the Redskins a chance to control a game. And he was fun to watch. It's too bad to think he might not run again in a Redskins uniform--and he's not the only one who's sad about it.

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