Studs & Duds

<b>Offensive Player of the Game:</B><BR> Quarterback Patrick Ramsey. He wasn't perfect, but he showed enough flashes to make the Redskins feel good about his future. Ramsey showed excellent touch on his touchdown passes to Derrius Thompson and Rod Gardner and showed his arm on the strike to Chris Doering, who was surrounded by Eagles. Somehow Ramsey found him.

Offensive dud: Running back Ladell Betts. Granted, he was facing a top defense, but he didn't show much and he missed a few blitz pickups. He's young, but we're still uncertain about his potential.

Defensive Player of the Game: Linebacker Jessie Armstead. Didn't play as much early as the Redskins used their nickel package often. But when he did play he made an impact, recording a sack and with several nice tackles.

Defensive dud: Safety David Terrell. Blew too many tackles; when he's in the right place he gets juked. The other times he appears to take bad angles. Terrell can help the Redskins, but as a reserve and special teams player. In that role he'd excel. But only in that role.

Telling stats: The Redskins lost three fumbles. . . Philadelphia is 10-0 against the NFC this season . . . Craig Jarrett's 74-yard punt is the NFL's longest this season . . .The Eagles gained 320 yards--121 coming on three plays. . . .Washington lost 10 of its last 14 games at the Vet.

Bad sign: Another muffed punt by Champ Bailey. Funny, Redskins coach Steve Spurrier talked about Bailey playing receiver next year. But Bailey's hands have been the worst part of his game this season, with several fumbled punts and a fumbled reverse. It's why someone else will handle this role next season.

Near miss: Redskins kicker Jose Cortez nearly missed an extra point and seems to cause everyone to hold their breath with every attempt. He's not a keeper.

Game plan: Steve Spurrier's rookie year was a huge bust. And we're not confident he can turn this around--it's  not about his system, it's about how he runs the team; that part must change. But his game plan was sound against the Eagles, attacking the edges and staying somewhat balanced. Too bad Stephen Davis got hurt--and fumbled.

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