They said what???

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, ''We're not very good or very smart right now.''

Spurrier, ''I learned that some of our guys can't block some of their guys.''

Redskins RB Stephen Davis, ''I was worried about my shoulder. . . My thing is to go day by day. I can't worry about next year or next week.''

Redskins LT Chris Samuels, ''Patrick did an outstanding job. At times he was leading the group like he'd been there for 10 years.''

Samuels, ''Our luck is terrible this year, but I'm also a firm believer that you create your own luck and we haven't done that this year. [But] we're not going backwards. We didn't win, true enough, but we can grow from this. . . Losing hurts.''

Samuels, ''I won't say it's been a wasted year, not at all. This team is young and we have the pieces together. We can learn from this year, even though it's a down year.''

Redskins QB Patrick Ramsey, ''I was just more comfortable with what we were trying to do. And I was more comfortable with adjusting our offense to combat [the Eagles' defense]. I may have gained some confidence, but I didn't learn more about myself. That's the game I play. I'm going to hang in there and I'm going to find the guys downfield and I'm going to try and make a good throw.''

Eagles KR/PR Brian Mitchell, ''When you come into this league there's always somebody who wants to know what school you went to. We all came from small schools. Listen everybody out there, you don't have to go to Notre Dame, USC, whatever. If you can play, somebody will find you.''

Redskins LB LaVar Arrington, ''The storyline remains the same. This team is trying to find itself, figure out where we need help. We're trying to find our identity and you would hope we'd [already] be in that direction. But there have been a lot of changes. We've been plagued with certain things that could have been stable. Instead we keep reeling and we have to build for next year. We just have to keep trying to regroup.''

Redskins DT Daryl Gardener, ''It gets frustrating, but we've been doing it all year. Next year we have to get a lot better if we're going to make a run at this.''

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