December 29th: They Said What?

See what Jim Zorn and many Redskins players had to say today to the media about their futures.

"I don't want to just look at the age and say, ‘He's 30-something, so he can't play.' Those guys know how to practice. One thing Pete and Casey did all season long was spent hours extra on their own trying to communicate pass protections. How they handle some of the exotic things these defensive coordinators think of for their own players. There's a lot of sacrifice there. I don't want ot lose that. Once that's gone the next guy, it may take him three or four years. That would be two steps back. I don't know if I'm willing to do that yet."

--Jim Zorn

"The salary cap will and who we have under contract and where our guys are at in age and ability and where we have guys that are excelling. There will be guys we see that are declining. We won't make wholesale changes. We won't go ahead and say we're replacing 10 or 15 guys. Every year players happen to move around a little bit. They all won't come right at one fell swoop."

--Jim Zorn

"I'm sure this offseason there will be dramatic changes. Some may be shocking. We all have to be prepared for that."

--Jason Campbell

"I'm not a backup to nobody. I'm a starter. Everybody knows that. There's a lot of teams that would give their right arm to have me on their team… All of a sudden you're a backup. That don't sit well with me."

--Carlos Rogers

"I'm not a spring chicken. But I still have some good years in me, whether it's here or somewhere else. [But] I love playing in Washington and would continue to do so."

--Jon Jansen

"Do I want to [return]? I want to go rest right now. It's been a long year and we're out of the playoffs and I'm pretty upset about that. I love the game. I do enjoy the game and in the right situation I would love to."

--Jason Taylor

"It's night and day from what I expected and hoped for."

--Jason Taylor

"You know, next year I'll have the biggest chip on my shoulder. I didn't know what to expect for next year. I know what I have to do. I know what the whole NFL season is like. I just have to make sure this offseason I focus on my body. If I do that I'll be good."

--Malcolm Kelly.

"I don't have a gut on stuff like that, bro. I let my agent handle it and I'll just enjoy myself in the offseason and travel and do what I do."

--Shawn Springs

"That's where games are won. It's rarely won in the back end. It's won in the trenches. For the most part guys did a good job but if you look into the numbers, Pittsburgh had 50 odd sacks, but it just getting after the passer and making the QB do the wrong things with the ball and making wrong decisions. That's where a D-line poses a threat."

--Fred Smoot

"All I can do is run what they call. I'm not the one to comment on something I don't have control over. They ask me to run the route and I do the best I can and I try to make the best out of it. When it comes to what we need to do or should do, that's dealing with what the coaches call."

--Santana Moss

"We've got things in place to succeed, to compete for a division championship. If you look back and say there are three or four games that could go our way with a play here or a play there. We're close in that sense, but we also have to understand that we're still far enough away. There is a gap with the Super Bowl contending teams."

--London Fletcher

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