Q&A with: Jon Jansen

The Redskins tackle discusses his signing with the media

Q: Are you happy to have this resolved?
A: Yeah definitely. I'm happy that it's done before the end of the year and I don't have any indecision leading up to March and free agency. I'm extremley happy to be back.

Q: You've been pessimistic all along. When did that change?
A: Last night. It's one of those things that this is my first time going through negotiations. I did as a rookie, but you're slotted. This time there's some negotiating. We both hit on the right numbers and it just worked out.

Q: What's it like dealing with the business side of the game while still playing?
A: No fun. I'm a football player, period. I sometimes wish I could have played 25-30 years ago when the decisions were a lot easier. It's nice now because the money's a lot more. But I'm here to play football and I'm glad that everything off the field is taken care of and I can get back to playing football.

Q: This is where you wanted to be all along?
A: I love this area. My wife and I have a wonderful home, lots of friends. It's a terrific area to be.

Q: You thought about testing the market. What changed?
A: I got to thinking about all the young guys on the team. We have a nice young quarterback who's coming along and Chris is young in his career. To be part of that tandem means a lot to me. LaVar, Champ. We have a core of young guys who are excellent players and we can build around that. If we can get guys to stay around instead of having a big changeover every year it will make a difference and hopefully we'll see that difference next year.

Q: Did the money surprise you?
A: Yeah, I'm surprised that I'm a football player and that's the money I make. But that's the business. If I had gone to free agency maybe I could have made more, maybe not. But that's not my concern. My concern is winning games and I believe we can do that here.

Q: It's an odd mix--a lineman from Michigan with Spurrier's pass-happy offense--isn't it?
A: It's definitely a change and a different offense than I'm used to. It's playing with the guys and being around the guys. It's being together no matter what the offense is and working together that will make us successful.

Q: Did you resign yourself to leaving?
A: I did for a while. For most of the year I didn't see it working out. It's my inexperience with negotiations and I'm extremely happy that it did.

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