UPDATED:Raiders may<BR> face tampering charges

The Oakland Raiders may face tampering charges after talking to former Washington Redskins cornerback Deion Sanders over ending his retirement


The Redskins waived Deion Sanders off the reserved/retired list today, clearing the way for his return to the NFL. And Washington won't get any compensation if he does come back.

Early Monday, the team was saying they'd want compensation. However, the league told them that, because the trade deadline had passed, they wouldn't receive anything.

The big stumbling block to Sanders joining Oakland is the waiver wire. Another team could claim Sanders before Oakland has a chance, blocking his return. If that team claims him, he would go on their reserve/retired list until they choose to release him.


The Washington Times reported Redskins officials were considering whether to seek sanctions following the Raiders and Sanders' admission of contract talks for the seven-time Pro Bowler to join Oakland in the playoffs. Washington retains Sanders' rights after placing him on the "reserved retired" list when refusing to report in 2001.

Sanders reported his discussions on CBS' "The NFL Today" on Dec. 22. The studio host said he didn't it to be announced elsewhere.

Oakland could forfeit a draft choice or be fined for not first asking Washington's permission to talk to Sanders. Redskins officials were unaware of the talks when Sanders' reported them. Washington would seek part of its remaining $7.5 million bonus from Sanders before releasing him. The Redskins couldn't trade Sanders until next season, and would want draft compensation that most teams would be unwilling to offer for a 35-year-old corner.

Sanders said he was only interested in a short-term deal and not looking to play next year.

"I could get off of this desk right now and cover," Sanders said. "I would never come back for a full season . . . because I love my job. . . . But it is intriguing for a playoff run when it all counts. I like that aspect of it. I'm praying about it, I really am."

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