They said what??

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, ''Ladell and Kenny run hard. It's good to see those guys break some tackles and keep their legs working.''

Redskins RB Ladell Betts, ''Our offensive line was opening up holes so big that sometimes we weren't even getting touched.''

Redskins WR Rod Gardner, ''You forget what this is like. It didn't matter who we played, we needed a victory.''

Redskins RG Tre Johnson, ''This win feels great, but it's definitely a sense of too little too late. Next year everyone understands there will be a lot of changes.''

Houston defensive end Gary Walker, ''They didn't show us anything we hadn't seen. I didn't think it was going to be as much power football as it was. They just ran it up in there and outplayed us.''

Redskins LB LaVar Arrington, ''If people thought we would lay down and just coast the rest of the way, I hope we answered that today. Sometimes there's more at stake than just the playoffs. We're not giving up. I hope it's the start of a streak.''

Johnson, ''You'd get up from a block and see Kenny almost break it and we're like, 'Dial it up again.' You don't mind being tired in that situation.''

Spurrier, ''I was afraid we might have to punt again.''

Spurrier on lessons learned this season, ''It's best to say I'm not as good a coach as I used to be because my record isn't very good. When your record isn't as good, you're not as good a coach.''

Redskins KR/PR Bruce Branch on getting hurt, ''The biggest frustration is that they gave me a shot and something like this happens. I hope they saw that I can play back there.''

Redskins LT Chris Samuels on the Dallas game, ''We have to win this game. For ourselves, the coaches and the fans. We have to show the 'Boys that we're no punks or pushovers.''

Redskins CB Darrell Green on facing Dallas in his finale, ''It's where I began. I got my first start on Monday night when the nation saw me for the first time. Whoever's watching will see me for the last time.''

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