Jackson promoted

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier noticed that every team in the league had an offensive coordinator--except his. So he did something about it, promoting running backs coach Hue Jackson into that role.

Spurrier will still call the plays and make all the major offensive decisions. But Spurrier also wants to be more involved on defense and special teams. Now he can drop in on those meetings and let Jackson run the offensive one.

Jackson said he'll be in charge of ''the detail things'' when Spurrier isn't around.

''Hue has earned my respect,'' Spurrier said. ''I started thinking this was the way to go during the middle of the year. In college I never had an offensive coordinator. Hopefully this will help me become an overall better head coach and have more of a relationship with each player.''

Spurrier said he envisions Jackson, in his second season with Washington, as a head coach someday. Jackson has served as the running game coordinator this season. The Redskins rank 11th in yards per carry.

''He has enthusiasm, he's very organized and detail-oriented,'' Spurrier said. ''And he gets things done.''

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