What They Said

See what Haynesworth, Blache and Cerrato had to say about his Haynesworth's signing.

Albert Haynesworth:

"I felt comfortable. When I got up here I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the whole thing before I signed anything. … It's totally different here than in Tennessee. It's not like everyone is separate."

"I consider myself a Tennessean, being there for so long. My kids were born there. I still love Tennessee and will miss it, but I'm looking forward to that fresh step. It seemed like no matter what I did I would drag stuff along with me. This is a new place. You all can get to know me and I get to know you all and we can go out and win games."

"I mean, with the contract it's gonna be all on me. My job is, if they don't see me being as productive, I'm probably drawing double teams and triple teams and it's freeing up other guys to make plays."

"It's a lot of money, but I put more pressure on myself than what this contract will do. You could have given me half a billion and it still would have been [about] the pressure I put on myself."

"You're not gonna remember Albert Haynesworth as a bust or as a guy who had the Dallas incident. You'll remember him as a great player. That's what I live for. The money is great, but when I'm out here and when I put that helmet on, it's to kick butt and to make sure that guy knows I'm the best player he'll ever play against."

Greg Blache:

"Everyone made the same kind of noise, ‘How can you pay millions of dollars to a defensive tackle?' Reggie [White] proved all the naysayers wrong. I see Albert coming here and impacting our team in the same fashion."

"During the course of a game there are four or five plays that will decide a game and in 10 plays the difference is a snap and it's an instant or an inch. He'll give us that difference in an inch in pass rush, the difference between pressure. He will help impact those four or five plays. He's a dynamic player, he impacts the game."

Vinny Cerrato

"He made tremendous strides and think when you watch the film this year he just dominates. He takes two or three blockers and you can't block him with one guy. He can disrupt an offense because he gets penetration in the run game and disrupts everything. He can collapse the pocket in the pass game, can line up at end and do so many different things. He's never on the ground. He has phenomenal balance."

"Every year he's played 50, 60 percent of the snaps. That's what our g uys played anyhow. A guy like Albert does not come on the market every year so when a guy is that talented and that young and comes on the market, it's very, very interesting to us."

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