Q&A With: Vinny Cerrato

The Redskins Executive Vice President talks about Derrick Dockery and what happened with Jason Taylor.

Q: Can you talk about getting Derrick back and what it means for you guys?
A: What amazes me is that it was shocking. I got a text from one of the national guys that Dockery had been cut. I told Buges first thing and called his agent and he answers the phone and says, ‘Yes, it's true.' I called Dock and watched film and I'll tell you what, the guy played very well in '07 and good in '08. I watched '06 and his body is totally different, it's much leaner and stuff. He played well. He ran better. He had good balance. I liked what I saw on tape. Chris [Samuels] was texting me when we were at dinner with Albert. It was good to get Dock back because he and Chris are such good friends… It's a very good for for a position we needed and it just kind of fell. At 10 to 4 I called Buffalo because I heard they were going to trade him and I said, ‘Are you trading Dock?' They said, ‘I think it's done; he's going to Detroit.' As I'm talking to him he said, ‘No, the paperwork did not get done. He'll be on the market.' So I said great."

Q: Is it fair to say there are more starting lineback ers out there than defensive ends at this point?
A: It's probably about the same, really.

Q: Would you look at doing something with a Phillip Daniels type of player?
A: Yeah, we'll look at everyone. Phillip is doing a great job rehabbing right now.

Q: You scouted Jason before you traded for him, do you think this guy, if healthy and with a full offseason, do you think he can still play?
A: Yeah, I think he can still play. We talked to his agent. We talked to Jason. Dan and I flew down and had dinner with him a couple weeks ago and told him we wanted him to work out up here 75 percent of the time. It's not a lot. It's 39 workouts to make 75 percent and 14 are mandatory. It was 25 workouts in 13 weeks and he could come out on Tuesday, work out on Wednesday and early Thursday morning and then fly home.

Q: Are you surprised he wasn't willing to meet that?
A: Yes.

Q: Disappointed?
A: Yes, totally disappointed. Clinton lives down there in the offseason and he's up here 75 percent. Haynesworth has a workout clause; DeAngelo does. All these guys have workout clauses. As guys get older you'd like them to work out. People say what about Shawn Springs. He went to Arizona to work out, but he wasn't at home. Jason just wanted to stay at home with his kids. We felt to get the best out of him – he didn't =0 Awork out at all last year because of the dancing – we wanted him to get in shape, to make sure he was in shape. Plus the biggest thing was the camaraderie with his teammates because he wasn't around. And he didn't want to do it.

Q: When you're trying to build a team, you don't want to hear that.
A: Right. It's not fair to all his teammates that he says all you guys go up there and work out, but I don't want to do that.

Q: Did you make a last-ditch effort to try to keep him?
A: We talked to him on the phone at 1 o'clock and he just couldn't commit. We said OK.

Q: How nice was it to get DeAngelo done before free agency?
A: We were talking to him for a while. We talked to his agents at the combine and we talked a lot about the contract. It was good to get that done because then he could focus on the other things we could do. It's imperative in a scheme to have a guy who can cover because it lets Greg Blache do what he wants to do with different fronts.

Q: How much will age factor into finding a linebacker?
A: I think you may get to a point after the draft there will be a lot of veteran guys still out there after the draft. There will be a lot of guys still available. Teams say let's see what we can do in the draft and then we can address things with a veteran guy after the draft.

Q: Do you feel you can go into the draft with what you have now at linebacker or do you have to sign someone?
A: No, I don't think so. We won't panic. We won't panic because we feel like we have to fill a hole.

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