Happy Homecoming

Those who knew him noticed it right away. Derrick Dockery was a new man; his body leaner and sculpted. And the Redskins can't wait to see what the results are on the field.

"He's tightened everything up," Redskins line coach Joe Bugel said. "What he gives us is 6-foot-6, 325-pounds. You need beef inside, man."

And Dockery provides it. Whether or not he's a major upgrade, he's a young one if nothing else over Pete Kendall. Dockery, though, is a much bigger presence and with the growing popularity of 3-4 fronts bigger players are needed inside.

Dockery adds that bulk. He also adds a player who is thrilled to return to DC, where he played his first four seasons.

He played two seasons in Buffalo, getting released last week. One Bills source called Dockery's play "awful" last year. But an AFC executive said Dockery played about as he had in Washington.

"I am very elated and thankful to be back," Dockery said. "You don't know how much I missed playing here. Coach Bugel called me 50 times. Just to know you're still wanted… getting released was a humbling experience."

His old teammates are thrilled.

"I think it's big-time for us," Chris Samuels said. "I was a little worried about that. I don't know where we stood as far as left guard. I didn't know if we would bring Pete back or go after someone in the draft. Once I found out I was excited."

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