Q&A With: Russ Lande

The Sporting News' draft analyst, former scout and publisher of GMJr.com, answered questions submitted on the insiders board. Lande tells us what player the Redskins should take – and why.

Q: How does this draft compare to last year?
A: It's a strong draft at the top. The first three rounds are very strong. The overall depth is not so good. It's not as good as last year in that respect. It's stronger up top, but weaker overall.

Q: What positions are strongest?
A: Probably running back, offensive tackle, center, defensive end, linebacker, though it's very strong at the top and then there's nothing.

Q: The Redskins clearly need a linebacker. If you need to get one, what round should you do it by?
A: This is a draft where the first two rounds, that's where the bulk of real good linebackers are gonna go. I don't see good ones after that.

Q: Do you have a sense of who the Redskins might be able to target with the 80th pick?
A: It's tough to say. I really haven't gone beyond the second round yet.

Q: What position would be good value with that pick?
A: I'd probably say an offensive tackle. There's not a lot of any of them when you get to that point, but there are a handful of guys who might have a chance developing.

Q: Where do you project Oher to go?
A: I would bet he 'll go in the last 10 of the first round or the first 10 of the second round.

Q: Is Maualuga strictly an inside linebacker?
A: He could play elsewhere probably. But could he be as good? No. He would have trouble in man to man. He's best suited as an inside guy.

Q: Do you ever have a sense of what the Redskins are going to do? Are they predictable?
A: They are unpredictable and part of that stems from the fact that the front office is every year it's a different makeup of the scouting department and everything. You don't know who's in charge, whether it's the coaches or scouting department or Vinny. That makes them very tough to predict.

Q: Does that hold them back?
A: Definitely. No question.

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