Bruce Smith Q & A

Washington Redskins defensive end Bruce Smith reconsidered retiring after meeting with team owner Dan Snyder and defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis. The former Buffalo Bill wouldn't say whether he would consider playing elsewhere or return to Washington next season or offer a timetable on his decision..

Smith spoke briefly with reporters on Dec. 30 outside Redskin Park.

Q -- You said you'd have a decision today. Are you ready to announce it?

A -- I spoke with Dan. I pretty much can't make a decision right now. I don't have anything significant to say.

Q -- You're only three sacks short of trying Reggie White's NFL career record 198. How much of that will play into whether to return?

A -- One of the things that people fail to realize is getting the sack record isn't the biggest thing in my life. My family is important. Winning is important. The sack record is not at the top of the charts for me. My life is bigger than just having the record. I'd like to win. I'd like to be a good father, a good husband. Those little things are important. There are some things I have to think over, some things I have to talk to my wife and family about and some things I have to talk to Dan about and work those issues out. It's not just all about the record.

Q -- Will changing defensive coordinators for the fifth straight year should Lewis leave influence your decision?

A -- That could play a factor. It could be a very significant part of my decision. There are some issues that I have to talk to Dan about and we'll have to work out. I'll have to have a piece of mind myself and feel comfortable with what I want to do. Although I may play like a young man, I've been around a long time.

Q -- Would you only play for Washington next year or consider another team?

A -- I'm not going to get into that.

Q -- Did you come into today with an open mind or a decision already made?

A -- My mind was made up. My mind was made up. Dan and his father [Gerald Snyder] and Marvin . . . between the three of them persuaded me to at least give some thought to it.

Q -- Do you have a timetable for a decision?

A -- I have the whole offseason.

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