Draft Questions … and Answers

John Keim, beat writer for the Washington Examiner and contributing editor of Warpathinsiders.com has his own questions – and answers – about Saturday's draft.

Q: Will the Redskins get Mark Sanchez?
A: I'll be mildly surprised if they don't. Just like I was mildly surprised when they didn't get Jay Cutler. Actually, there was more than a mild surprise given that I had heard the deal was just about done. But the thing is, in these cases, it's not about how aggressive the owner is. It's about who can make the best deal. Are the Redskins willing to give up a lot to move up and get Sanchez? My hunch is they could get to No. 8 and be fine. If I had to guess, I would say they end up with him.

Q: Is he worth the price?
A: Good question. Is anybody? If there's one spot where you'd make that sort of investment it's at quarterback. But he won't pay real dividends for a couple years. This roster will need to be turned over by then. There's still age along the line and I have a hard time seeing Clinton Portis and Santana Moss being key players in a couple years.

Q: What's your concern with Sanchez?
A: It's more my concern with the Redskins. Whoever drafts him must be patient. Sanchez's inexperience suggests he won't help right away. And the experts and GMs I've ta lked to say he should sit for a year and maybe two. But what if the Redskins struggle and are 2-4. Does Dan Snyder order Sanchez onto the field? The worst thing for most young QBs is to play too early. The one benefit he'd have is that the Redskins are not horrible. They do have talent and that would help his transition. But it would not be close to ideal.

Q: Will Jason Campbell be traded?
A: If the Redskins get a strong offer, then they'd have to move him. And by strong I mean a second-round pick or some sort of conditional pick. Maybe a team gives them a fifth-rounder this year and if he plays a certain amount they surrender a higher pick the following year. Something like that. Problem is, Campbell is in the last year of his contract. I have a hard time believing anyone would give up a second or third-round choice for him – unless they could work out a deal first.

Q: What team is the most likely destination for Jason?
A: The Jets. I have not heard his name connected to Tampa Bay and I heard Seattle was not really interested. But these things change.

Q: Why would Campbell want to return?
A: Well, it would almost be in his best interest, unless he can coax a multi-year deal out of his new team. Otherwise, he'd go to a new team on a one-year deal, not know the system and then have to play well. No one wants to enter free agency that way. Here, he'll know the system and the players and have a better chance at success. If he plays well he could be franchised and make a lot more dough or get traded somewhere else and get a nice, new deal (Matt Cassel).

Q: What's the smartest move for Washington?
A: Trading down, getting more picks and adding more young talent. This draft is strong between the late first and late third rounds. The more picks you have in that area the better off you'll be. Washington has one choice there. Also, you can't proclaim to build by the draft one year and then the next year come away with a couple picks. They need a steady infusion of good, young talent. Otherwise they'll be caught in this same trap where they must sign expensive free agents to fill holes.

Q: But what would that do to the QB position?
A: Another good question. They clearly lack a QB of the future. That's one reason I'm intrigued by Sanchez. They could get their guy for 2010 and beyond and yet have a guy who is a capable starter in 2009. It enables them to be patient. But if they can't get Sanchez and trade down they risk losing Campbell after next season and then having no young heir apparent (barring great progress by Colt Brennan). But at least you could have a lot of good young building blocks in place. That's what enabled Joe Flacco to step in and help Baltimore.

Q: If they don't get Sanchez, then who?
A: My gut tells me they'll move back and select either Bria n Cushing or Rey Maualuga. I wouldn't be surprised if they took Cushing at 13, but I think I'd rather have someone from a more premium position at this spot, like a tackle or an end rather than a strongside linebacker.

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