Q&A With: Cody Glenn

The Redskins' fifth-round pick talks about his suspension, position move and a car accident that nearly killed him.

Q: What do you think you bring to the team?
A: I'm more of a speed linebacker who loves football and loves to hit people so I feel I bring speed and a team attitude.

Q: You played running back until your senior year, how confident are you about linebacker and where do you feel your best spot is?
A: I played weakside this year so I feel best at that position. I have some learning to do, but it's something I'm eager to learn and just get on the field.

Q: Why did they move you to linebacker?
A: It was a mutual thing with the new coaches coming in. I felt I could help the team more by playing defense rather than playing in a crowded backfield by committee system.

Q: In 2007, you had injury problems, are all those behind you?
A: Yeah, those are all behind me. I had one earlier in the spring [in 2008] but I got over that. Right now I'm healthy and good to go.

Q: What happened to get you suspended?
A: It was a deal where I got caught up with selling some tickets. I wasn't supposed to be doing it. I know I wasn't, but I got caught up in it and coach Bo Pelini had to do what he had to do. It wasn't nothing big, but he didn't want to hurt the team so he had to do what he had to do.

Q: Did it hurt you in the draft?
A: I feel it did a little bit, but once people talked to me and got to know me and talked to coach Pelini and he let them know what kind of person I was. I don't think it played too much of a factor in how everything has played out.

Q: What did you know about the Redskins?
A: Not a whole lot. I was a Cowboys fan. Now I talked to my parents and we're switching over. We're Redskins fans now.

Q: How smooth was your transition to linebacker?
A: When I first moved over I picked it up pretty good with my natural instincts for the position. It was learning the terminology of the defense and where you need to be. Once I learned that I was able to let my ability take over and fly around and make plays.

Q: Are foot injuries a reoccurring thing with you?
A: They're not. In 2006 I hurt it. I had no problems in 2007. In 07 I had a scope on my knee when I hurt it. I was healthy, but just didn't play at all. It's full go now.

Q: How scary was the car accident you had as a freshman and how did that happen?
A: Oh, man that was really scary. That was me being young and trying to get back home and missing home and leaving at the wrong time and I fell asleep at the wheel. I almost died. It was a wakeup call and put everything in perspective. I'm glad everything turned out the way it did.

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