Thoughts on the Redskins Draft, Day 2

John Keim offers his take on how the Redskins did on day 2 of the draft. Was it a bad thing to not take an offensive lineman? Anything new about Leroy Hill? What about that WR they drafted in the 7th?

Kevin Barnes was picked a little higher than some anticipated, but he at least is something the Redskins sort of needed. With Carlos Rogers and Fred Smoot's status for 2010 in question, it's wise to try and develop some young corners. Justin Tryon did not show enough last year to make anyone think he could be that guy.

Barnes' coaches at Maryland love him, of course. They pointed out how he covered Darrius Heyward-Bey in practice every day – and could stay with him. He's got size and speed. But he's also very wiry, which leads to questions about his durability.

It does not bother me that they didn't take a lineman in the later rounds. They needed someone who could play immediately and the experts/GMs and scouts that I talked to said if they wanted a tackle they'd have to take one early. After that, take the best player. They'll be in a position next year to again address offensive tackle because Jon Jansen will be gone (likely cut) and Stephon Heyer will prove once more that he's not capable of being a fulltime starter.

The most comical thing was how Jim Zorn said that Mike Williams was as wide as two people and weighed 410 pounds. Then Vinny Cerrato followed an hour or so later by telling reporters how good Williams looked in his workout and that he was in the mix at right tackle. Please.

I'm intrigued by the fullback from Idaho, Eddie Williams. Had he not torn his ACL he probably would have been drafted higher. So the Redskins might have found someone who, in a year or two, could play a bigger role. He'll be good on special teams, or should be.

The linebacker from Nebraska, Cody Glenn, sounds like a lot of things: immature, athletic, talented, raw. He moved to LB his senior year after playing fullback his first three and seemed to handle it well because of his athleticism. But Glenn had some off-field issues that bear watching. Are they serious? Don't know. But he was suspended for selling his tickets; he had a civil lawsuit filed for allegedly not paying his rent. If nothing else, he should make for a good special teamer.

The second linebacker, Robert Henson, from TCU, was a four-year starter and didn't do too badly. But he was not in many draft guides. Why? Because they didn't think he'd get drafted. We'll see if he's a steal or nothing.

The receiver, Marko Mitchell, is interesting because of his size and speed. But the reports suggest he's very, very inconsistent. I asked Cerrato if he faced Barnes in Maryland's bowl game vs. Nevada, forgetting that Barnes did not play. Oops.

The draft really is not a very exciting event to cover. Basically, we sat around in the press room with the draft on one TV and the NBA playoffs on another (could not get the Caps game there – boo!). Then we do what reporters do: complain about the length of the draft, the food and anything else. In reality, there are much tougher ways to make a living. We talk about that, too.

This has nothing to do with the draft, but the Redskins would be interested in Leroy Hill – if he lowers his asking price. They have a need at strongside linebacker. Hill could play it, but he could also go to the weakside and Rocky McIntosh could go to the strongside. But, again, Hill would have to lower his price for the Redskins to be seriously interested.

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