Q&A With: George Edwards

The Redskins new defensive coordinator talks about his new job, which includes his plans for linebacker LaVar Arrington.

Q: What has the last day been like for you?
A: You guys are calling me every five minutes (laughs). I've been talking to a lot of different people about possibel staff openings with Marvin going, looking at different players. I didn't realize I knew so many people.

Q: What's the benefit to having a replacement come from the old staff?
A: It starts with the evaluation of players after having coached them from a year. That's the big benefit. If you just came in you'd have to evaluate the guys on the team without having a good feel for them. And the other benefit is that a lot of the players will know which direction I'm coming from, especially in terminology and what's expected of them.

Q: Will you use the same system?
A: That's one of the big things. There's been so much change in Washington as far as defensive coaches. There has to be some carry over as far as terminology and things we want to get accomplished. We have a good foundation to build off of.

Q: Do you see LaVar in the same role as last year?
A: Yes and no. There will be some things we ask him to do pass-rush wise. We just have to see how it progresses to see how much more or less he'll be on the line. We can stand him up and get some rushes out of him and move him around. People were turning their protection to him last season. When he lines up on the line people know where he's at. So we've got to move him around and do things like that.

Q: Do you plan to use the corners the same way Marvin did or will you stick Champ on the top receiver every week?
A: That will vary from week to week, depending on the opponents.

Q: If Bruce returns, what kind of role do you see for him?
A: We're still in the evaluation process. I don't want to say we'll do one thing then we come back and you find us doing something different.

Q: Who influenced you as a defensive coach?
A: I've taken a little from each and every one who helped. When you spend as much time as we do together, you get close and you learn different things. I've been with Dave Campo, Mike Zimmer, Jim Bates and Ron Zook at Florida.

Q: What did you learn from Marvin?
A: It's a wide range. He brings a lot to the table. He's an established guy and a great defensive mind. I couldn't narrow it down to a couple of different things. He did a tremendous job and I enjoyed working with him. I couldn't say just one thing I learned. It's how his approach was and how to organize practices. All those things. It's hard to pinpoint.

Q: What's your coaching philosophy?
A: The biggest thing we try to do is to put players in the best positions to be successful. We want them to feel comfortable with what they're trying to accomplish and let them go play. That's the biggest thing. That will allow them to use their athleticism on the field.

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