Q & A: Albert Haynesworth

The Redskins' defensive tackle met with the media after the morning workout at training camp.

Q: How did it go today?
A: The first day for me was a little rough. I wasn't as good as I wanted to be, but it was the first day of camp, the first practice. I've got another shot later in the day.

Q: Why wasn't it good?
A: I wasn't as sharp as I wanted to be. It could be rust, it could be nerves... I just have to get better.

Q: Did it feel different for you?
A: It didn't feel different. I guess it's just getting used to the way our offense plays. They didn't come out at us. They're a zone blocking [offense] so I have to get used to that. I didn't face that a whole lot.

Q: Did you notice a difference between here and Nashville?
A: We had a lot of fans in Nashville, but they weren't up close... We probably had 3 cameras in Nashville (there were 11 pointed at him today).

Q: Do you feel you have to show teammates who you are?
A: No, I don't have to show teammates. I have to show myself. I have to keep proving to myself that you're a good player and you have to keep it up and work hard. It won't just be given to you because you signed a big deal and were one of the top free agents out there. That doesn't matter. I have to prove to myself that I am who I am....

Q : Do you feel you have to live up to the contract?
A: I have to live up to my standards, the way I played and the way I'm perceived on the field. The contract doesn't bother me.

Q: How do you balance being the new guy and taking a leadership role?
A: I'm not a talker. I've never been a talker, I don't hoorah and all that stuff. I'm just a guy you want out there playing this sport and that's what I do. I go out there and play.

Q: Was that your family (holding signs as we were coming off the field)?
A: No, that's the first day I met those people. They have the same name, they were all showing me their licenses. My Grandma told me a long time ago that we have family up here so I believe them. It's the first time I met them. It's wild. … They'll bring me a family tree that they have on Saturday. I'll trace it back and see if it's true.

Q: Who will you help the most?
A: I draw a lot of double teams and sometimes triple teams; it depends on how long I'm playing. Andre can get free from it. The day I signed everyone throw up 8 and a half sacks. That was my best year last year as far as sack totals. I can't say I expect that every year, but the way I do play helps everyone else's numbers go up.

Q: What about Andre as a pass rusher?
A: He reminds me of Jevon. He has that size, that build. He's real fast and deceivingly strong.

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