Redskins Training Camp, Day 3

Here is our Day 3 Camp report. How is the offensive line looking and which OL did Buges scream "You're becoming a swinging gate!" at? How is Orakpo looking? Which DB is showing a ton of improvement? All this and more is right here.

...The offensive line is a problem, not just the backups. OK, it's early, but the first unit had major trouble blocking for Jason Campbell or any quarterback today. The right side of the line is struggling a bit more, though Stephon Heyer has been better. Part of it is Albert Haynesworth coming through the middle, but that's going to be a problem for any team. And the Redskins were apparently running a lot of new plays. But that doesn't explain everything.

... The backups aren't helping. Jeremy Bridges went from left tackle to right tackle which only gave him another position to show that he can't play. Guys can beat him inside with no problem. He's making Rob Jackson look like a Hall of Famer.

...Brian Orakpo spent the morning practice (there was only one because the afternoon was devoted to special teams) with the first unit. He looked OK, but his real promise comes when he lines up as an end. That's where he looks natural thus far. He still needs to know who and what to watch at linebacker. It'll take time.

...Justin Tryon was outstanding this morning, breaking up three Jason Campbell pasess. Campbell looked late on each one of them. But Tryon also was in good position each time. The kid looked better than at any point last summer.

...Carlos Rogers was out of the full-team work in practice with a lower leg issue. He was on the sidelines so it wasn't anything serious.

...Special teams coach Danny Smith was in charge this afternoon. Gotta love Danny; he yelled at the players at one point to, ‘'Get that water! You have to drink it! I didn't ask if you wanted it, I said get it!''

...He later told Alfred Fincher, ‘'Come on Finch, put a wiggle in it. You're staggering like a drunk man!''

...Mike Sellers was ‘'coaching'' at times during the special teams work. But that's because, Smith said, ‘'Mike do a lot of coaching because Mike not want to do a lot of running

.... I have to remind Mike that he's not the first Redskin to go to a Pro Bowl.''

...Antwaan Randle El will be the primary punt returner again. For better or worse.

...Chad Rinehart needs to show more. He's been working at right guard, but too often has been a swinging door, even in one-on-one work. Lorenzo Alexander got past him today.

...Chris Wilson destroyed Mike Williams on one inside move, but the next time Williams stopped him.

...Albert Haynesworth got around Derrick Dockery easily in their first one-on-one competition. But give Dock credit: he stoned him the next time.

...Undrafted center Edwin Williams does a good job keeping his hands20in tight when he blocks. Buges like that.

...Buges to Scott Burley after Renaldo Wynn went past, ‘'You're becoming a swinging gate!''

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