They Said What?

See what Jim Zorn, Jason Campbell and Brian Orakpo had to say after Fan Appreciation Day.

Head Coach Jim Zorn

On Jeremy Bridges and Scott Burley's injuries:

"We didn't have many injuries. Bridges has a little ankle sprain, it is a low ankle sprain. Then Burley got some cramps."

On the right tackle position:

"Well those guys that sat out, we're going to try to get them geared up. I don't know if Mike Williams is going to be ready but we're got to have him play on Thursday' so I'm trying to rest him. Stephon Heyer will be back tomorrow; I'm trying to get him geared up so he can play as well."

On rookie defensive ends Brian Orakpo and Jeremy Jarmon:

"It was excellent because it's hard to block. That was one of the problems that we had in our passing game because those guys are so quick up the field. But that is a great opportunity for us to get better. We're going to see speed like that some point during this season so we need to block it. There is no way we can just let it go and say ‘Well, he's too fast.'"

On how the offense did today:

"I thought Jason [Campbell] did well. Our first two tight ends that came in there, Fred Davis played hard he played well. He loves to play football, so does [Todd] Yoder. We didn't use [Chris] Cooley but they played well. I'm thinking our backs ran real hard. I wish [Anthony] Alridge would've held onto the ball there but he is going to get more opportunities and he's going to learn how to hang onto that football. But he ran hard. I think that all the backs did what they were supposed to do. Chris Samuels felt great out there. One of the things that I've been concerned about it is that he's been a little banged up. Ee took a little fluid off his knee but he played great and worked hard. Other than that our young guys came along. Marko Mitchell caught a lot of balls and young Keith Eloi scored. We tried to spread the ball around a little bit and got some completions. I was really impressed with the backs that were in there, Ladell Betts, Rock Cartwright and all those guys."

QB Jason Campbell

On feelings of how well the first team offense did:

"I would say ‘part' first team offense. A lot of our guys were out but for the most part I thought we did very well and moved the ball right down the field. We should have converted for a touchdown but there are some things we can go back on film to correct that. For the most part we moved the ball. The only time we stopped ourselves was with turnovers."

On how he feels without his key players:

"In scrimmages it's hard to get in the rhythm anyways, but I thought for the most part we made quick decisions and got the ball out of our hands. Let the guys make some decisions with the ball and move forward. But it's a little bit different because in a game situation there are a lot of different situations coming at you. Today was different, we were just trying to get a game atmosphere feeling before we start the preseason."

On progress made as an offense unit:

"Anytime you have injuries on offense there's a little bit of a concern because a lot of the things we do based off of timing and communication. The we can get guys healthy and back in the huddle, the better off we'll be because everyone will be on the same page. You have to practice together in order to reach that certain rhythm. A couple guys are nicked up but we're expecting them to be back soon and participating next week."

On pass protection:

"For the most part it was very good. There were a couple breakdowns here and there. A lot of it has to do with the younger guys. They're in there learning and they're not sure just yet, but they're getting it."

On playing the Baltimore Ravens next week:

"We're going to face a great team come Thursday night. They're a team that applies a lot of pressure and it doesn't matter if its preseason or regular season. They're going to bring pressure."

LB/DE Brian Orakpo

On causing havoc during the scrimmage:

"That's my goal. I just want to get better each and every day. I was kind of mad at myself - I had [Robbie] Agnone one-on-one and he kind of got that little pass over the middle. Besides that, I'm very pleased. I think the defense played good from my standpoint. There's a lot of room to improve, but we're just getting better each and every day."

On if he wanted to put on a show for the fans today:

"It was kind of fun. Usually, when you have scrimmages in college, it's nowhere near like this. It's us and the staff and everyone's parents and those are the only people there. Now, we've got the whole city out here, which is kind of crazy. It felt somewhat like a game, but we ultimately knew we wanted to put on a show and everyone came out ready."

On if he is feeling more comfortable in the system:

"I'm feeling a lot more comfortable. Once the repetition comes, and you experience more and more days at practice you get more accustomed to different things. That's what is happening with me as far as the linebacker position. As a linebacker, I'm able to open my hips a lot more, able to read different pass coverages, read different formations the offense is giving us and just able to fly around a lot more."

On how satisfied he was with his performance in the scrimmage:

"I'm very satisfied, but one thing about me is I'm going to put this day to rest and get back to work tomorrow. I'll play with that type of attitude – a blue collar type of attitude – and get my hard hat and get back to work. I can't be satisfied on just one day. We've got a lot more to improve on. I know I have a lot more to do to elevate my game to the next level. I'm really excited about what we're accomplishing on the defensive line and our defense is looking real good right now."

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