They Said What?

See what Jim Zorn, Greg Blache and Jason Campbell had to say today.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On the injured offensive linemen:
"Reuben Riley probably won't play because of his ankle, Jeremy Bridges is trying to make it back but he's got to get some reps if he's going to play. So there are a few guys like that who are nicked up that you may not see, but everybody else is going to be ready to go."

On the first team offensive line being ready to play:
"Whatever the first team line is will be ready to go. I think Chris Samuels will start and Casey Rabach will start. Randy [Thomas] is trying to work back off his knee and I'm considering resting him for another week, but it's hard to keep that guy out. We talked to each other and he just wants to go, but I may keep him out. He will be a question mark. Stephon [Heyer] will go."

On if Clinton Portis will play:
"Clinton will be doubtful for the first game for sure. He will play this preseason though. The thing about him is that he'll be ready to go. If I put him in he'll go in. He'll give you his best effort. I'm not concerned about how much he plays or doesn't play, especially in this first game."

On Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas:
"Oh I'd love to see them go as many reps as we can get. There will be a revolving receiver group in there, but those guys are going to play often. We threw Devin a lot of balls today, and he was in there taking a lot of reps, getting a good feel for his legs. We missed a couple with him, but when you're out of practice, you can see how he and the quarterback in the offense were off. They'll gel back again. The good thing is that things will come quicker now that he has the confidence in his legs."

On how much Mike Williams will play:
"As much as we can get him out there. He won't play the whole game, I just want to get him in the game and let him get a sense of full speed play, and a sense of how drives take on their own little life. I'm hoping for long developing drives, and we may have a few of them. I hope he's in there for one so he can see what he's going to have to do to maintain that consistency."

On the progression of Colt Brennan and where Chase Daniel stands:
"Right now I don't see clear lines. I see Chase Daniel really improving, I see him performing. Colt Brennan in the last three or four practices has really come on as well. The closer we're getting to these games, the more his concentration level goes up because he knows he's going in. So he's very excited, great competition level there. We'll see, they're going to lay it all out there on Thursday night."

On Jeremy Jarmon's scrimmage performance and outlook:
"I saw a guy that had some explosiveness. He was very good at pass rushing. I think the schemes and just being comfortable in the schemes will come. He showed his talent, and we'll be able to work with his talent. He'll see some playing time in this game. The thing that'll be nice will be the opportunity to rush the passer. He's not going to be 100 percent on the field, we'll have a rotation and I'm not sure what our formula is going to be with him yet."

Redskins Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache

On the expectations for Albert Haynesworth:
"Everybody has got to handle it the way they want. I have my own agenda, my own expectations for this football team. We got to take everyday one day at a time. We cannot get involved in the ups and downs. It is typical of people to get something and get all gaga over the new toy and forget about all of the things they have had all along. I try and stay away from that. I try to be respectful and prideful with the things that I had and be appreciative of the things we have added on. We are going to add these guys on and try to get better. I do not get into numbers. The only number I get into is points per game. If we get our points per game down, I am going to be thrilled because we will have more of an opportunity to win more ball games."

On the potential of the defense to be more disruptive:
"We have a chance and the potential to be better. We still have to go out and do it. So far, we have not played anybody. It is still speculation. If you go back and look at the draft picks over the years and the speculation behind them, a lot them did not pan out. I do not think that will be the scenario here but you have to wait and let them play."

On improvements in practice:
"I have some veteran players that have respect and passion for the game. They come to work everyday professionally. That makes it fun for me and the staff to come to work because they are mature and they understand the opportunity that is available to them. We have some young guys that still have to learn what it is to be a professional. Over the next few weeks, we got to let these young guys catch on and mature and try to get on the bus with the rest of us. It has been encouraging how the veteran guys work. The young guys are a long way off. As things pile up, it is starting to show they are starting to get to their breaking point mentally. It will be interesting to see how they respond when the lights go on and the speed picks up on Thursday night."

On defensive end Jeremy Jarmon:
"He has done a good job. He is a little more athletic than I anticipated. In special teams drills, I have seen him do some things out in space that are quite impressive. He is actually a little bit further along right now than I thought he would be. I thought being a junior coming out, he would be a little bit further behind on the learning curve. Honestly, some of the things that he can do athletically help bring him up. When his mind catches up with his athletic skills, I think he will possibly be on the field even a little sooner than we thought he would be on the field. He is a very smart young man but it is a game of speed and a game of big men. With Philip [Daniels] and Renaldo [Wynn] in front of him, he has time to learn and adjust but as I alluded to earlier, he is adjusting faster than I thought he would."

On defensive end Phillip Daniels and safety Reed Doughty coming back from injury:
"They have been good. They practice everyday. Reed is the best he has been since he has been here. Reed's back is better than it was when he came out as a rookie. He has had a good camp. He has always been a solid player and a guy you can count on. He has done really well. Phillip, if you didn't look at the birth certificate, you would never believe the guy was 36 years old. He has a body 21-year-olds would kill for. He could be on a magazine cover. He works and plays that way. Both of those guys have had good camps. Our big thing is try to get them healthy to the New York Giants game. We got to get them to that opener and see if we can make a run at winning this division."

On linebacker/defensive end Brian Orakpo:
"It's one thing to rush the passer at his weight, it's another thing to play the run for 50, 60 plays in the NFC East. There's a difference. The thing that happens is this, having a strong bull rush is one thing; it's another thing handling a guy blocking you in the run game for 60 minutes. And there's a huge difference there. In time we'll have to see how big he becomes. But he is a very strong person, he's a very athletic person who's got great speed, but he is more than just a speed rusher, there's no question about that."

"It'll be impressive to see him Thursday night. He had some plays Saturday that were good. He had some plays Saturday that we were very disappointed in. I could see him just getting better and better. It's still a lot easier for him to take on a 250-pound tight end, the same size he is, as opposed to a 330-pound tackle."

On linebacker/defensive end Chris Wilson:
"Chris' done a good job with all the assignments, he's done a good job in the coverage, and he's done a good job adjusting to checks and stuff. Practice is easy because if you mess up in practice, coach is going to get on you, in 30 seconds it's going to be over with. You mess up Thursday night the announcers going to talk about it for another 10-15 minutes, the fans are going to talk about it, they're going to talk about it at the barber shop the next day. It's a little bit different pressure in the game on Thursday night as opposed to practice during the day.

On the difficulty transferring from defensive end to linebacker as Brian Orakpo and Chris Wilson are doing:
"It's difficult, but it's not monumental. It can be done. People do it all the time. A lot of it depends on your athleticism, and both of them have the athleticism. They both have the innate intelligence to be able to do it. Sometimes it's just a matter of feel actually, I've seen Chris [Wilson] do some better things, and be a better player at Sam [strong-side linebacker] than I ever saw him in the last couple of years as a defensive end. There are some things that allow him to use his athleticism. Now, he's not at a deficiency as far as size is concerned. I think he's mentally more confident, and I also think he' been more competent because I think the matchups suit him better. I think he's done a good job with it and I think it's relatively easy to do if the Lord blesses you with the athletic ability he's given those guys."

On the difference in intensity with Thursday's preseason game on the horizon:
"There's guy starting to get a little nervous. We have some guys that are starting – some of the young guys – to have it sink in that they are actually going to line up in an NFL football game and their moms and grandmoms are going to watch them. I think the pressure is starting to close in on them, there's no doubt about it. Some worse than others, but it's a natural progression. If they don't let their fear or their nervousness handcuff them, they can use it and channel it to help them to prepare to play. But, yes, it's starting to build up."

On safety LaRon Landry:
"The thing about LaRon is he is here in training camp healthy. Last year he missed training camp and it hurt him early in the season. If you look at the second half of LaRon's season, LaRon was one of the best safeties in the NFL, if not the best, with his picks, with his hits and the big plays he was making for us. Being healthy right now, if we can keep him healthy, he is going to have the opportunity to play that way the entire season. I think he will finally get his just dues and the recognition and go to the Pro Bowl because he is that caliber of a football player. He has played in camp how he finished the season last year which was at a very high level."

Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell

On his anticipation to see receivers Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas on the field Thursday night:
"I'm very anxious. At the same time it's still stepping blocks. It's the preseason and each game is going to be different. You will play longer and longer each game. It doesn't matter how long they play the first game, it's not going to depend on how they play the whole preseason. They may play more the second, third or fourth game. At the same time, you want to see how far they have come along in a game situation."

On Jim Zorn saying Malcolm [Kelly] and Devin [Thomas] have to play to get better:
"He's right. The only way you get better is on the field; unless you're a veteran that understands and knows what you're doing and understands the extent of your health for this training camp. A lot of guys can be banged up, a lot of guys are hurt and we just have to come out and participate in practice. The only way to get better is to protect yourself. If it's something serious we understand you do have to sit out because you don't want something to linger. If it's something that you can get out there and perform with - it's different between aches and pains and something that is really serious."

On his expectation for Thursday's game in Baltimore:
"We don't expect to play a whole lot; at the same to you want to get out there, play at a high level and play at a fast pace. Just to get back to the start and the feel of a game at the beginning of a game. When the younger guys go in there and play, our job on the sidelines is not to sit down and watch, but to encourage those guys, talk with them and see if they have anything they need help with."

On a quarterback's anticipation of the first hit of the year:
"Well we are playing against Baltimore. They bring some heat. So as a quarterback that first hit is always a good hit to get it over with. Whenever it comes, whether it's the first preseason game or the first regular season game, I'll be ready for it."

On if there is a gameplan for Thursday's game:
"There's not much. There's some but not much. You're not going to throw your whole offense and whole defense out there in the preseason. You use these games to get you back in the flow and back into the rhythm of playing; getting ready for the regular season games. The regular season games are the ones that count and go down into the record books, not the preseason games. You do want to go out there and compete and put your best effort forward."

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