Half Time Quotes: Skins @ Ravens

See what Jim Zorn, Jason Campbell and DeAngelo Hall had to say at half time.


On Jason Campbell:

"He did well. He finished strong. He did a nice job keeping his focus down the field. I wish that we could have gotten the first-team offense into the end zone."

On the first half:
"I was pleased with the pass protection, but we need to finish drives. We have to do a better job of hanging onto the ball. We dropped some passes and had the fumble on a potential scoring drive. We have to earn the right to finish a drive. We are not finishing drives because of dropped passes and a fumble. But, I liked our pass protection and I thought our defense did a nice job holding the Ravens in the red zone."

On Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas:
"They both did a nice job of getting open and snagging the ball and making plays. They are both big targets and helped move the offense down the field."


On how he and the offense felt tonight:

"We felt good. We felt comfortable. I thought the offensive line did a good job of protecting. We came out and completed our first two passes. That incompletion to Devin (Thomas), I had to try to get rid of it and it was a good defensive play on their part. We almost came up with a big play. The offensive line gave me good time on one of them and I tried to get it to Marques Hagans on the other side of the field. I wish we could have timed that up and connected to keep moving the ball and get some points out of that drive. I felt like we were moving the ball with the plays that we called. We didn't attack them just yet because we were just getting into a rhythm, but I felt good. I felt really comfortable. Having some experience helps a lot."

On what he hopes to work on coming out of this game:
"Moving the offense. We're still in training camp. Everything we do right now is still for teaching tape and still stuff to improve off of. I think the offensive line did a good job. We got beat on one play, but I don't think that was the offensive line that got beat so that can't go on them. But overall, to keep working and keep improving."


On breaking up a pass to prevent a touchdown and hold Baltimore to a field goal:

"You know what, we were on the goal line and that's when it counts. We are trying to be the No. 1 defense and it's no secret. We know we have to step it up, especially down there on the goal line. I went into the huddle and told the guys, ‘hey, this is where you make your name, right here.' The ball came outside. We kind of knew they wanted to do something similar to that. I was just able to play the defense that was called and make a good play."

On the first-team defense keeping Baltimore out of the end zone:
"We still gave up so much stuff leading up to the red zone, we still have a lot of things we can work on. But, the red zone is probably the most critical part of the game. You are either getting a turnover, giving up seven or giving up three. So once we got down there, we had to at least limit them to three or try to get a turnover and that's what we did."

On how he felt tonight:
"I felt good. For some reason, this uniform just feels right. It just feels right. I am glad to be back in it and hopefully be back in it for the rest of my career."

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