Press Conference: Jim Zorn

Here is some of what Jim Zorn had to say today at his post game presser.

On the seriousness of the injuries suffered in Baltimore:
"Nothing considered serious from the standpoint of guys being out. Mike Williams battled through his abdominal strain. Lorenzo Alexander pulled his oblique. We had a couple of guys that came out with cramps but went back in. Robert Henson got hit in the ribs and went back in. Other than that, it is the same guys. Lorenzo was hurting more than anyone else. We are dealing with Fred Davis's shoulder. He had a sore shoulder in practice, it got hit again so it is still sore."

On Mike Williams' abdominal strain:
"We kind of have him go as you can tolerate it. As we treat it and it gets better and better each day, he will work out of it. I do not think it will be a sustained situation. It is not getting worse, just a dull pain basically."

On seeing anything new after reviewing the game tape:
"There were some really good things that happened, but there was enough left out on the field, let me qualify saying there was enough good things that happened, we scored zero points. That is qualifying it enough. It was 6-0, we were going down the field on third and 11 and I was trying to get us in field goal range and the play that was called got us into field goal range, but we fumbled the ball. It could have been 6-3 at halftime and now it's 13-0. That was a major issue for us. DeAngelo Hall did a nice job saving a touchdown keeping them to three points. He made some very good hits inside to stop plays or turn plays back inside. He was playing Redskin football. I think Brian Orakpo did a nice job running around. I thought he got a real good dose of the NFL and I think he is going to be fine. I thought our offensive line, the first group, did a nice job picking up a really good defensive group early in the ball game. The Ravens did their thing. They blitzed us. Last year, we had a difficult time picking up some of the schemes, but this year we were right on it, early. Things deteriorated after that with the second group trying to get some cohesiveness in there which we did not have."

"I thought Jason was sharp for the limited amount of time he had in there. I thought our defensive line did a very nice job as they were in there. We were soft in other areas both offensively and defensively, playing without that kind of intensity. I think there were guys out there playing but they did not really realize how difficult of a game this really is and we paid for it in some of the situations."

On being disappointed about the performance:
"It is not scoring points and sustaining drives that is irritating. I've got to call a better game and I have to put our guys in a position to score. I think our young guys figured out that they have watched this game all their lives, they finally get a chance to go out there and play it and think it will be just liked it was before. It is not just like it was before. I think some of the young guys saw from some of our veterans that they will have to pick things up. Quite honestly, we played guys that need to improve. They need to play better in the coming weeks."

On the energy level of the Redskins defense being affected by extended offensive drives:
"I think those drives put its toll on the defense. We did not have our starters in there either. We had a lot of young guys who understand now that being in shape and being in condition is a premium and being able to play every play at full speed is a premium. We have to be able to do that. Adding all that up, we gave up 500 total yards of offense to Baltimore. That cannot happen even though there were only nine points from the first team offense."

"We will not have a problem with defense this year. It shows that our backups need to be better. Some of it is age and getting a feel for the NFL. You could see the hesitation and us playing soft. You got to have a plan when you are out there."

On the second group of players:
"I would love to have everyone be trained, excellent ball players. We are moving in that direction but we did not protect the ball and we did not go get that ball. One of our young guys had a chance to intercept a ball for a touchdown and it went right through his hands. We dropped another interception. We fumbled. We slipped. We had some holes open and slipped trying to get through them or slipped trying to make a block. That is one of those things we can control and we did not control that ourselves."

On Justin Tryon:
"He got a lot of attention. He was probably a little soft but he will learn some things from this football game. They picked on him and I think he will rise up. I think he is a good player."

On having an effective slot cornerback on the roster:
"Fortunately, from my standpoint and the coaches' standpoint, this was the first game, the first test. It was a difficult test for some of these guys. Some failed. Some came through with flying colors. Some need to rise up."

On playing quarterback Todd Collins before Colt Brennan:
"I thought after Jason, Todd came in and did a really nice job with the tempo. He missed a couple of throws and when he sees it today, he will be disappointed but he was very good at getting in and out of the huddle and getting to the line of scrimmage. I know where Todd is. He is pretty steady. What I do not know is Colt yet."

"Colt came in and started out very well completing a roll out pass. As things went along the production was not there. It was not based solely on Colt. The group was not consistent and I do not think Colt was consistent in some of the things he did either. One thing I have talked to all of these young players about is this is really their season. We are looking for guys we can trust. Colt is no different. We are looking to be able to trust him. He has to play disciplined football, as well as that whole group that was in there. We were not as disciplined as we need to be to play a good team."

On Colt Brennan continuing to play with the second offensive line:
"Well, that was the second string line. We do not have many more. It is either the first group or second group. There is no third group even though he [Colt Brennan] was the third guy in."

On defending quarterback Michael Vick:
"It will be very difficult. It will be interesting to see how he works in with the Eagles. Unfortunately, he is in our division. He has been out for a couple of years but a guy like will be so fired up. I am excited he is able to start progressing back in. He is with an excellent football coach and will get to learn from some tremendous veteran leaders."

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