Post Practice Quotes: August 15th

See what Jim Zorn, QB Colt Brennan, CB DeAngelo Hall and TE Fred Davis had to say today after practice.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On this morning's practice:
"I think we started off excellent this morning. Our guys came in and practiced with purpose. The thing that I told them that's the hardest at training camp is we have already practiced and we haven't even got corrections, they haven't even seen the video yet. They might have read things that I've said, or they've heard comments or they came in and watched it themselves, but the hard part is to go out there and practice without having seen the video. But to their credit, I really had a sense that our football team practiced with real purpose today and they were trying to get better and actually did get better."

On Colt Brennan:
"I think he is just showing his leadership by playing hard. I don't think I'd ask him to do any more there. There are things that he needs to improve on, like getting guys lined up correctly, reading and throwing, but he is working on those things. I am pleased with his direction and I'm just hoping he continues to improve and play better."

On Fred Davis fumbling in last Thursday's preseason game:
"I think it's a first game type of situation for him. One of the things he knew coming into this camp was that he is a better player than he was last year. The other thing he knew in this camp was we were throwing him the football. The thing that I think he was excited about was that we continued to do that in the game. Now I think he realizes that full speed NFL game is different than full speed practice and putting the ball away and making sure he secures that is something that was a learning lesson for him."

On Justin Tryon:
"I think that Justin was assignment right, he didn't blow any coverages or anything like that. In my mind he was a little hesitant in driving on plays that he knew were coming but wanted to make sure. Just like a quarterback wanting to make sure that the read and the throw is there, but you have to anticipate. I think as he becomes more comfortable he'll start anticipating these things through reps and he'll be much more focused in closing that cushion."

On if he would like to see the Redskins' pace improved against the Steelers:
"I want the pace to be there for everybody. For certain veteran players there was no lack of pace. But younger guys or guys that are fighting to make this team got a real taste for what the true pace is. I think that when they see it, we will even improve in these next five or six days. That's what you ask in the next five to six day, what are we going to do? Well our tempo is going to improve, the pace at which people practice, the intensity which people practice, they got a taste of what was really in the game."

On Fred Smoot playing safety:
"Depending upon the situation, much like we tried to use Shawn Springs last year, we're trying that same issue. You get a corner on the field in shorter areas it can help you. We're just working out those things as an experiment to see who can help us there."

On Robert Thomas:
"I think Rob Thomas has been fighting to learn our defense. He's done it since he has been here, the OTAs and now the camp. He has stepped up in the game and he's actually had a presence, making some plays, being there in coverage, being there in the line of scrimmage and in his gap. As he continues to improve he's going to make a spot for himself on this team."

On the young defensive linemen's play:
"Antonio Dixon was in there and he did a real nice job, but I'll tell you the truth he could not have played a full game. He was totally exhausted. They had one long drive and he came off, but the field goal team had to go back on, and you should have seen the look on his face. I don't think he realized that playing an NFL game was all out, every play, until you're told to come off the field. I think Jeremy Jarmon did a nice job, and I think [Brian] Orakpo when he had his hands down was drawing holds and he was putting pressure on the quarterback. [J.D.] Skolnitsky had a sack. I didn't know how much he was going to play because he had been sporting the hamstring problem. I didn't really put a lot of concentration on him yet, and I've only watched the video three times so I have to watch it again."

On facing four very tough defenses this preseason:
"We're facing five of the toughest defenses in our first five games, and I'm counting the New York Giants in that. And then we go to the Rams and they got [Steve] Spagnuolo, who's a defensive-minded coach. We're facing arguably the best defense in the National Football League coming up, and Baltimore, if they're second, it's close. They're really good football teams, they're coached very well, they're a disciplined group, and as you could tell we have to be very good to score points on a very good defense."

Quarterback Colt Brennan

On his performance in last Thursday's preseason game against the Ravens:
"I've got a chance to look at it right now, and obviously I was a little disappointed because I wanted to come out and show how well I've progressed and how much I've gotten better. As far the numbers go, from the stat sheet, it doesn't really look like I had a really good game. I threw an interception, turned the ball over, and didn't really put any points up on the board. It's frustrating from that point, but that's kind of how the preseason goes. Like I said, I've got three more chances to step up these next three weeks and I'm just looking forward to Pittsburgh."

On if he learned anything about himself or the team from the game:
"Well yeah, I definitely realized how much healthier I felt. I was under some pressure and I was able to move around and bounce out, and get out of some trouble. Physically I was where I wanted to be as far as the way I was moving and how I felt out there. Just production wise, I wish I could've put some points on the board, got a couple more first downs and had some long drives and stuff like that."

On being excited to play the Pittsburgh Steelers:
"Oh yeah, absolutely. Pittsburgh, they're the reigning Super Bowl Champs; another great defense. I have some family coming out for the game. It's going to be a chance for me to go out there and I'm really excited for this game. I kind of got the butterflies out of there and just can't wait for next week."

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall

On if the players got down after the game:
"Not really down after the game, you know, during the game you could kind of see a couple of the guys hanging their heads, but that's what young guys do. You got to keep them going, keep them motivated, keep them fired up."

On Head Coach Jim Zorn's comments about him playing well:
"I mean, for me, I just wanted to go out there and mix it up a little bit. We were able to make a good goal line stand; it was a good situation for our defense. We gave up a couple plays, and they kind of marched down the field effortlessly. So for us to come out there on that goal line and make a stand, give up three points instead of seven, really got us thinking that we can be good."

On competing with younger players like Malcolm Kelly in practice:
"We need those guys to step up. If I'm pushing them, or Fred [Smoot] or ‘Los (Carlos Rogers), we're all going to be pushing all those guys. We got to get better point blank. If I'm out there beating somebody up, or they're beating me up, at the end of the day we got to get better. We got to go up there and watch the film and try to find a way to get better. Me and him did a good job today of just competing back and forth, back and forth. He'd make a play and I'd make a play. He didn't back down and that's what you like to see."

Tight End Fred Davis

On the team's performance and how to get better:
"Going against another team at high speed, tackling and everything you got to be prepared for that. We know now what we got to do, and I feel like I definitely know what I need to do. Technique-wise, still play fast like I have been, and just continue to make plays"

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