Post Practice Quotes: August 16th

See what Him Zorn, Clinton Portis, DeAngelo Hall, Carlos Rogers and Randy Thomas had to say after practice today.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn On what he wants to see from Malcolm Kelly during the Steelers game:
"I'd like to see him with more involvement, more tries if you will. I think he's doing better and better each day. The thing that we're trying to get him up to speed on is the explosion down the field, getting in and out of breaks, and things like that. So we're going to give him a chance. I'm not going to gear my game plan to feature him, but he's just going to meld in and hopefully we'll see an improvement. I think he will."

On Jeremy Bridges playing left tackle in practice:
"He has played on both sides, so we're really just giving Chris Samuels a break. We're trying to keep that competition going between Mike [Williams] and Stephon [Heyer]. And what you're going to see later is where we get Stephon some left tackle reps as well. That's the thinking, really, just help spell the guys out. We're going to hold Chris from practice this afternoon just because he had a hard practice today and we want to conserve his knee. It won't be based on injury, it will just be based on us pulling him out."

On the offensive line during practice:
"It's getting better and better. Our guys have taken pride. You saw these groups after we ended practice, the offense penalized themselves because they have pride in the group. The defense pulled it up and got together to talk about their issues. So guys are really conscientious about playing as a team, being together as groups. Even though we're battling there against each other, we're helping each other get better."

On whether he likes to see intensity and fighting during practice:
"It expends needless energy. I don't want to see our guys fighting against each other. But it does show the kind of intensity that our guys are trying to step up and play with. That's the only thing I like about it. It was a live period, not to the tackle, but a live period up to the tackle. And it was competitive. So that's the part I appreciate, the intensity. But if somebody was holding or grabbing or pulling or yanking I'm not looking for that."

On seeing the type of pace and intensity he was looking for at practice today:
"The things that I got out of practice today were just that. We ran some new concepts, some things that our defense hadn't seen and we put them in situations they're going to see during the game like the offense holding onto the ball during the last four minutes of the game. We did a backup drill. That's where those tempers started flaring; we put them in competitive drills. And then the things that we need to improve on, we called out a couple of personnel groups and were late getting into the huddle. Those kind of things are just the little things that bother coaches more than anything."

On players stepping up and getting on each other:
"Our practice would get over sooner if we didn't have to repeat a play, or we weren't slow getting in and out of the huddle. That's what I want to do because that's how the game happens. You don't have time to sit and redo things."

On safety Reed Doughty's performance this year as compared to last year:
"He has had an outstanding camp on both special teams and at safety. He plays well around the box and brings great effort. He is enjoying the fact that the repair he had on his back is holding up tremendously well. He has been able to play without pain and that allowed him to be play more recklessly."

On today's practice:
"We played with a lot of intensity. When the ball was snapped, players were running around hard and they were competing. One thing I did not like on offense was our tempo in and out of the huddle and our tempo getting the right personnel group into the huddle. On defense, we had some alignment errors. I saw the high level of intensity which is what I wanted to see."

On linebacker/defensive end Brian Orakpo's performance against Baltimore:
"He got a couple of holding calls against him or he would have had sacks. He did a good job chasing. In coverage, I do not think he had many plays where he was not capable of covering the backs out of the backfield or even the tight end."

On the run blocking during the Baltimore game:
"We left two very sizable runs on the field because our backs slipped in the hole. That is something that has to be corrected. It did rain before we got to Baltimore, but both teams had the same issue. I think the backs saw that and will try to remedy it."

On Antonio Dixon:
"You love to see guys that are coachable and when you make a correction as a football coach very soon after that the guy gets it. Players like that make the uncomfortable, comfortable, and that is when you see a guy really improve and become an outstanding player."

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall

On if Carlos Rogers' play this year will be affected because he is in a contract year:

"I just tell him all the time to go out there and ball out. There isn't anything he can't do out there on the football field. He knows that, and we all know that. So, hopefully it gives him the incentive to go out there and ball out."

On if he sees the makings of a true cover corner in Carlos Rogers:
"I do, I do, and I told a lot of people, before I got here that I knew Carlos [Rogers], he came out a year after me, but I didn't really pay attention to him as a corner. When I got here, my viewing of him as a player totally changed. He's a great, great film guy, a great worker. I mean the guy can play football. He doesn't have the greatest hands in the world, but the guy can definitely play football, he can definitely play corner in this league."

On the importance of Carlos Rogers establishing himself in the secondary now that Shawn Springs is no longer with the team:
"I mean it's very important. Even before Springs left I think he was a pretty established corner on this team and in this league. For him, it's just taking the next step, and going from a good corner to a great corner. All that is, is catching the balls he's in position to catch and getting more interceptions and turnovers."

Running Back Clinton Portis

On the team's focus level after Thursday's preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens:

"After watching the film you see that it was really us. They didn't do anything spectacular; we missed a lot of open reads, and we missed a lot of blocks. Just being in place, if we get to our assignments and do the things we're supposed to do, I think that game would be totally different."

On if he wants to play this weekend to see what the full offense can do:
"I think we're going to have the opportunity. I wouldn't say it's going to be in full, because of course we don't have our whole playbook. I think working ourselves up and getting into football shape and being prepared for the Giants is the reason we need to be out there."

Cornerback Carlos Rogers

On if last year's midseason addition of cornerback DeAngelo Hall increased his hunger to succeed:

"I think about all of that. That made me hungry, the last year of my contract is making me hungry, and wanting to have a great defense is making me hungry. There are a lot of things; we just got to get the job done, and we got to do it as a team."

On if people are doubting him this year:
"People are going to have their doubts. People are going to be on you, and then people are going to not be on you. Once they're on you, you give up a play and they back off you. I can't worry about that, if I worry about that I'll be down. I'm just a self-motivated person and I won't let anybody get me down, especially this year."

On if he and/or the coaches are waiting for a big-play moment from him:
"I've had a lot of opportunities, and it's just been looking at the end zone, and then looking at the ball on the ground. I'll get it together. Like I said, it's all on me, it doesn't have anything to do with the coaches, none of that, because as long as the guys run routes I'll be right there with them and put myself in position, I just don't capitalize."

On if he is fully recovered from his calf injury "I'm alright now. I'm going to play. I'm not feeling it. Hopefully I'll continue this throughout the week and be ready to play on Saturday."

Guard Randy Thomas

On being a leader on this offense:

"You got to speak your voice sometimes when you see there's something that needs to be stressed. This game is not guaranteed, you just got to cherish it while it's here, and that's why I'm fortunate to be in the shoes I'm in and practice another day."

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