They Said What?

See what Jim Zorn and Jason Campbell had to say today.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn On quarterback Jason Campbell's decision making in Thursday night's preseason game:
"On the first play last year when we started out in the regular season, he stared a guy down, took more time to stare him down even more, and then got sacked staring him down. This game was a start where he looked at his first progression and then ended up throwing to his fourth progression on the route for a first down. That tells a lot right there concerning how far Jason has come. Then, the rest of the game he was very solid in the way he controlled the offense, controlled the line of scrimmage, and got in and out. He was very aware on the sideline of what was going on and played with a lot of confidence."

On running back Clinton Portis playing against the Steelers on Saturday:
"I'm not going to put Clinton out there for a long time. He is going to play and we'll just see how it goes. You won't see him past the first quarter, and you may not see him to the end of the first quarter. I don't want to say specifically how many plays he's going to get. When he's participated he's had an awesome camp. He's worked hard, run hard, and he's learning as well. This is part of his camp – getting himself game ready. As we get closer, he'll pick up his pace and we'll get him more and more reps. We're trying to find a lot out about other guys, so I would say for the stuff we've asked Clinton to do and the stuff he's done, I'm very pleased. He's had to sit and watch because we've held him back in order to see some of the other guys."

On wide receiver Malcolm Kelly's progression:
"I've seen him continue to come on. He's catching the ball very well. He's getting better at his route running, which is one of the things he's been behind because of all of the rehabbing. And virtually, he's been rehabbing all summer. So, that part is improving and that's where he's getting up to speed and becoming more and more confident in what he's going to do on the field."

On the depth of the defensive line:
"I'm glad they're on our team. They stay fresh and the guys really care about playing. They're learning a lot from John Palermo, and Greg Blache has been a defensive line coach. They've got great eyes and comments and encouragement – probably tough encouragement as well. They have all that and they're improving as we go along. I'm really excited about how hard they work. They know they're in a rotation so they can let it all out knowing they're going to be rotated in a way that keeps them all fresh."

Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell

On the offense needing to be more efficient by scoring touchdowns:

"We can be more efficient. One thing we want to be is tougher and have more of an attitude. We want to play a little bit harder and faster. It was the first preseason game and a lot of the starters did not play that much. This week we want to come out and play a little bit better as a whole."

On wide receiver Malcolm Kelly practicing as the No. 2 receiver:
"He is doing a really good job of reaching out and catching the ball. He is staying after practice catching balls from the JUGS machine. That is something you expect because he has extremely strong hands. The way he can reach out and catch a ball gives a quarterback a lot of comfort."

On head coach Jim Zorn's comments that some players played soft in Baltimore:
"He wants a different approach. He was not speaking to everybody but at the same time, if you are speaking to one, you are speaking to all. That is the approach we are taking. We are one group, one camp. We got to pick each other up and come out and compete. Whether it is preseason or regular season, we have to go out there and give our best. Of course it is preseason; people are going to make mistakes, that is what preseason is for. People want you to come out and play perfect, no one plays perfect. Look across the league, they are people making mistakes. That is why they call it preseason. At same time, when it comes to us, we will get there."

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