Training Camp Report, Aug. 18

Our reporters take you on the inside at Redskins Park.

Mike Williams sprained an ankle in the morning workout; there's no word on how long he'll be out. Williams isn't helping his return by missing practices here and there. But he's helped by the fact that nobody else is playing well at right tackle. Stephon Heyer has been the best thus far and, among this group, deserves to start.

…Heyer handled Chris Wilson in both of their one-on-one battles. Heyer showed excellent change of direction on the first one as Wilson tried to get inside. On the next one he got his hands onto Wilson quickly and controlled him.

Randy Thomas has done a good job of late; the Redskins are encouraged, though his knee will remain an issue. But Thomas has such a good base and hands and punches well. They miss him when he's not in the lineup.

…Thomas and Phillip Daniels had a good battle, though we'd have to give Thomas the edge.

Reed Doughty had a tough time in coverage this afternoon (not a full-pad workout). Antwaan Randle El beat him on one deep post route. Randle El has looked sharp.

…Defensive tackle Antonio Dixon did not practice in the morning because of back spasms. If he wants to earn a spot even on the practice squad, he'd best show that he won't get gassed during a long series.

Cornelius Griffin twice beat Casey Rabach in the one-on-ones. The second time Rabach tried to corral him and would have been called for holding.

Lorenzo Alexander had his way with Jeremy Bridges and did so again in the full-team work.

…Keith Barnes had a better day. So, too, did Michael Grant.

Justin Tryon continues to have a good week (as has Randle El).

Brian Orakpo and J.D. Skolnitsky both were tied to the goal posts today. Gotta say, they took it in stride as did Barnes and Robert Henson the previous day. They all earned points by going with the flow on this one.

…Jim Zorn took a bike ride following the afternoon practice. Most of the coaches do some sort of exercise after practices.

Albert Haynesworth faces double teams even in practice. On one, he engaged both players then pulled up. Guessing he didn't want to overexert himself.

London Fletcher had to cover Chris Cooley one on one during the full-team work. On the play, Cooley split wide to the right. But Fletcher cov ered him well, doing a good job from the start by being physical.

…In the afternoon, Fletcher picked off Chase Daniel on a pass over the middle in the end zone.

…Rob Jackson kept beating Scott Burley in the afternoon. Jackson, though, needs to do a lot more to make the roster.

Jeremy Jarmon played defensive tackle on a few snaps because of Dixon's absence.

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