Training Camp Report, Aug. 19

John Keim reports on the Redskins training camp. Jeremy Jarmon has a new nickname? Which QB struggled today? How is Randy Thomas doing? All this and more is right here.

…One national writer who has visited more than a few camps, including Pittsburgh, said the Giants are the best team he's seen. He actually likes the Giants' receivers despite their relative lack of productivity. Says they're talented and most are former high draft choices.

…He also said the Cowboys have the potential to really slip or be a .500 team because of too many questions, starting with their offensive line. It's aging, much like Washington's was last year. His key? If the Cowboys opt for a run-based offense instead of letting Tony Romo pass all day.

Marques Hagans needs to have a better game returning punts vs. Pittsburgh if he wants to win a roster spot. He completely missed a hole on a return, for some reason not running where the return was called for him to go. Not a good thing.

…After practice, Hagans showed off his arm, unloading a 65-yard toss that hit the goalposts. He said the longest he ever threw the ball was 75 yards.

…It's hot. Did you hear? It's also August; what else did anyone expect?

…The offense did not exactly do a good job in the red zone this morning, with only one touchdown in four possessions – a Todd Collins to D.J. Hackett pass over the top of Justin Tryon.

Fred Smoot continues to work at safety in practice. One thing the Redskins lost when Shawn Springs left was a corner with versatility. DeAngelo Hall has some of that, but he has not been used at safety in the past (he's dropped there a couple times this summer). Having a corner who can drop deep enables the Redskins to do even more with someone such as LaRon Landry. It would allow Landry to blitz or sometimes play closer to the box.

Randy Thomas makes a huge difference when he's in the lineup. Joe Bugel said he's having his best camp. Bugel is as optimistic as they come, but it's clear that Thomas looks good. Especially because the guy behind him, Chad Rinehart, has a lot to learn.

…The first line did a better job in protection when matched against the second defensive line.

…Jerry Gray has a nickname for Jeremy Jarmon: Kentucky Bourbon.

…Jarmon still has to learn how to play the run; but he's really done a nice job rushing the passer. He whipped Rinehart in two one-on-one rushes this morning. Rinehart does not show well in the one-on-ones; it's more of an athletic matchup and that's not his game.

Brian Orakpo got Chris Samuels on a couple pass rushes.

Rueben Riley did a nice job controlling Anthony Montgomery in the one-on-ones. But Monty's best attribute is his power and moving guys back to collapse the pocket. He does not have the best feet of the defensive linemen, which is evident when they sidestep their way over the bags. In fact, while the other starters and top reserves actually sidestep over the bags at a rapid pace, Monty typically sidesteps just behind the bags.

…The defensive linemen work an awful lot on drills in which they must stay balanced while having a good lean. You can see it pay off when they're in the full-team work. Time and again certain players do a good job with this, especially the speed guys (Orakpo, Chris Wilson, Jarmon).

…We've said this before, but it bears repeating: Cornelius Griffin looks solid this summer. Very quiet, but effective camp.

…Justin Tryon broke up a fade pass to Malcolm Kelly in the end zone. It was a poor pass by Colt Brennan, who threw it too low, which can't happen when a 5-foot-9 corner is guarding a 6-foot-4 receiver.

…Brennan also threw a pick in the end zone. Not a good day for No. 5.

Chris Cooley (back) and Phillip Daniels (knee) did not practice. Daniels had his knee drained. Both likely will play Saturday. Mike Williams is questionable because of his sprained ankle.

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