Jim Zorn Quotes, Aug 19th, 2009

See what Jim Zorn had to say today after practice about how much the starting defense will play, Marko Mitchell, Ladell Betts, Towels and Training Camp in general.

On how much the first-team defense will play this Saturday:
"We're going to try to play them a quarter. It may be a series, it may be time in the ball game, but it won't be plays. We will continue to rotate, especially on the defensive line."

On Marko Mitchell:
"I would describe his camp as ‘continuing to improve'. He really has been conscientious about studying and is getting what we're asking him to do. He's lining up correctly. He's been more explosive off the line of scrimmage than when he first started. So I would say he's gaining more confidence as he goes along. He made a nice snag out here today which sparked everybody against Carlos Rogers, so I think everybody got excited about that."

On the decreased workload of Ladell Betts last year:
"I know that I need to be very conscientious about how much I use Clinton [Portis] because I have to have Clinton the whole year. Ladell is a very capable running back that could start in situations around this league and we look forward to having him accent what we are doing on offense."

On the Redskins distributing towels to fans at FedEx Field:
"Well there was a little deja vu [last year] because when [Seattle] played the Super Bowl in Detroit, it was a sea of yellow. [The Steelers] have good fans that follow them and they distributed their stuff. I think it's great for fans. I think its fun that we're doing the same thing. It's a preseason game but we have great fans. Dan [Snyder] wants to continue to show his support and his enthusiasm for this team and this community. I think its all in good fun; he's competitive, we're competitive. I don't know if there are going to be battles of the towels or whatever, but it will be fun."

On how training camp has been so far:
"I'm really pleased. I think we have accomplished a lot more than we could have last year because everything was such a start-up. This year, the core of everything has been the same. The players kind of knew what to expect. We pushed a lot offensively to try to increase the scheme of things; and we did. Our defense became more seasoned. Our players appreciated a little more rest in a couple of situations; we gave them a complete rest and a weightlifting morning, which was different than last year. I think we did what we had to do. We worked really hard but we saved our guys. We had very little major injury situations come up and I think our guys are more and more ready for this football season.

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