Training Camp Report, Aug. 20

John Keim reports on the Redskins training camp and the end of two a days.

…Another day, more rookies tied to the goal post. A novel concept. That makes it three days this week when a rookie was tied to the goal post; the only two who escaped this fun – this week that is – are Chase Daniel and Robbie Agnone.

…Everyone is raving about Marko Mitchell these days and he deserves a lot of credit for his improvement. However, Mitchell still has a ways to go in terms of route-running and overall receiver play before he earns a roster spot. He also must learn to run a wider variety of routes than he did in college. There's still a belief in the organization that he might be best served by being on the practice squad.

…That said, the kid has caught everything – including the eye of the coaches and teammates.

Mike Williams and Devin Clark are unlikely to play Saturday vs. Pittsburgh. The fact that Williams has not been at practice, or at least on the field, is not a good sign. He's inside getting treatment, but we haven't seen him since he was hurt.

…The Redskins worked on their game plan vs. Pittsburgh in the afternoon, with the starting units facing scout teams. It was light enough that one time Kareem Moore blitzed from the outside and Clinton Portis jumped up to karate kick him. Of course he missed. Another time Antonio Dixon dropped into zone blitz coverage. That's when you know it's really scout team work.

…Thank goodness two-a-days are over, not just for the players but for the media as well. This was a brutal past couple weeks as far as the temperatures go, but we've probably had worse, though that's a little hard to believe.

…That said, this was one of the easiest camps we've seen in a long time as far as the overall intensity. This did not come close to a Marty Schottenheimer camp, or even a Norv Turner one. The pace of the camp was fairly slow; a few national writers remarked on the difference between the Redskins camp and others they had attended. Just slower.

…The starting units will play at least a quarter against Pittsburgh.

…Those inside the organization are really looking forward to one thing above all Saturday: the pairing of Albert Haynesworth and Brian Orakpo for the first time.

…This is the most cooperative bunch of coaches and players that has been around in a long, long time. Very helpful group. Trust us when we say: no one is rooting for this staff to be fired. They make the job easier.

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