Quotes from Monday, Aug 24

See what Jim Zorn, Andre Carter, Chase Daniel, Albert Haynesworth, Santana Moss and Brian Orakpo had to say today.

Head Coach Jim Zorn

On Chase Daniel:
"I think he had a very productive game. He did a lot of good things. He had big scramble for a first down and showed that he could move around out of the pocket. He was accurate on most of his throws. He knew what to do, and I think he will continue to improve. So, he helped himself and there is a little battle going on there."

On the third-string quarterback competition:
"Colt [Brennan] is going to play this week some, and get another look as well. We will see what happens with the final game. We'll let both those guys play again and see what we got. It will be a hard decision."

On the overall quarterback competition behind Jason Campbell:
"Well I have always said that Colt [Brennan] is just trying to battle with Todd [Collins] for the No. 2 spot. I think that we saw that Todd was not willing to bow down and give up his No. 2 spot. So the competition right now is for the No. 3 spot, and Chase is making a statement about that."

On how tall Chase Daniel is:
"I haven't said anything about his size. I don't tell him to stand taller. He's only as high as he is; it's a God thing you know what I mean? So what I do is help him play ball and help him play at the right level."

On the recent trend of Redskins young backup quarterbacks playing well in the preseason:
"Well they are playing against other guys that are trying to make the team too. They are trying to make the best of their effort. One of the things that we try to build into them is that, really this is their season. For the starters, they're in there for a quarter; they're just starting to get warmed up but we pull them out. For these guys, this is it. This is their regular season. They get fired up for a chance to compete. Their very focused and they go for it. It's a lot of fun to call especially when you're having a lot of success on the field with them, with the other guys in the mix as well."

On if Todd Collins is the backup quarterback at this point in the preseason:
"Yes, at this point."

On the second receiver battle through two weeks of the preseason:
"We're looking at different combinations. Antwaan Randle El hasn't missed a beat, so he's in there solid. He would love to be that starting flanker but I'm also looking at the other two guys. They are competing hard for that position as well. I will tell you this, that we have four guys right now that are going to be very competitive at that mix. Santana [Moss] is doing his thing. There is another group in there that is trying to be that fifth, possibly sixth, guy as well. There might be a practice squad guy in there as well. They are all doing fairly well, but those two guys, Malcolm [Kelly] and Devin [Thomas] are both competing very hard for the spot."

On the progress of the offensive line this preseason:
"I think we have seen a lot of progress. I'm very excited about the fact that we have given our starters time and even our backups and young guys some time as well to stand strong and throw. We've had some good play development. You can see the plays developing now, and that's getting a chance to make them work. We've picked up some complicated blitzes with these two teams we've played and we stood our ground. There have been some scrambles. There has been some need for scrambles, but not nearly as much as we've seen last year. We're still trying to get Mike Williams up to speed so he can compete and right now he's still working on his sprained ankle."

On Albert Haynesworth's and Brian Orakpo's effect on the Redskins defense:
"I thought Haynesworth did a really nice job. He showed what he could do about getting into the backfield. He didn't get any sacks but he rushed the QB. Just to see the QB have to move away was music to my ears, because as an offensive coach, you want your QB to be able to feel comfortable. Now we didn't put as much pressure on Dennis Dixon, their backup. He came in and stood there a little bit and threw the ball. Eventually what we're finding was ways on how to take the edge, how to use a different technique, how to use that second move to break them free. We probably left a couple sacks out there just based on the techniques we used, or the techniques we didn't use, to get free. I know John Palermo, our [defensive line] coach and Greg Blache were working on those things to try to correct them much like an offensive line would correct their technique as well."

Defensive End Andre Carter

On if he likes the direction this defense is headed:
"It's coming along; like everything it's a steady process. You only have so many opportunities, especially in preseason, and this game coming up against New England is like the last dress rehearsal for us, so we have to be on our ‘A-game' just like they'll be on their ‘A-game.'"

Quarterback Chase Daniel

On being a long shot because of his height:
"It's the story of my life, everyone just questions it, but you can't question my heart, you can't question my brains, or my arm, or my skill. I still have a long, long way to go, but this is a right step in the direction that I want to go."

On how this offense compares to the offense he ran in college:
"I like it, it's different, but it's a good different. Coach Zorn knows what he's doing and he put up a lot numbers when he was playing and when he was coaching with Seattle. There are a lot of things that are different; the run game is different and the pass game is different, so I've just got to keep it up and keep going with it."

On if he was surprised by the reaction to his success in the preseason game:
"All I'm doing is trying to get a spot on this team or another team. I realize that it's an audition; any time you get on film it's an audition for another team. Do I want to be here? Heck yes. This is my first option; this is why I picked to come here, to learn under Coach Zorn, but if things don't work out here then I know I'll have some film out there."

Defensive Tackle Albert Haynesworth

On his impression of the defense against the Steelers:
"I think we did okay. We still need to work on some things. We looked alright. I wasn't too disappointed. We need to gel and we will be okay."

On defensive coordinator Greg Blache being disappointed about the performance against the Steelers:
"That is him, he coordinates. I didn't think we did too badly. We got a lot of talent. I think we improved on some things and some things we didn't, but we will get better."

On NFL rules that hinder the defense:
"I do not really think about that. If they do not want us to hit the quarterback, they should put flags on them. I am going to go after the quarterback no matter what and I am going to get him down however I get him down."

"If you look at this league, all of the rules are to hinder the defense and help the offense. They want more points on the board to make it more exciting. It is my job not to allow that. Unless they put flags on them, I am still hitting the quarterback."

On whether defensive players are affected by the lack of time dedicated to tackling in practice:
"If you made it to the NFL you should have made at least one or two tackles in your career, so you should be okay. We're in the pros now. You don't have to take to the ground and stuff like that in practice to prove yourself. You just need to work your fits, get in the right position and you should be able to tackle."

Wide Receiver Santana Moss

On Jason Campbell's performance so far in the preseason:
"It's tough, it's going to be tough. You wish it was better and he wishes it was better. Like I said, all you can do is just do what you can do. For the time he was in there that's what happened but we still moved the ball pretty well, and it's going to get going. I just feel like Jason [Campbell] is a guy that needs his rhythm just like the receivers need to get in rhythm with him. So we can't expect him to do certain things that are not going to be up to the way he gets himself going. There are certain things that every player in this league has to do to get themselves going, whether you're a running back, a receiver, or a quarterback. We have to be able to accept his strength, and how he likes to get going and what builds his confidence, and then go from there."

Linebacker Brian Orakpo

On getting ready to play New England Quarterback Tom Brady:
"It's pretty cool. It's my first time, I don't know about the other guys, but I have been watching this guy for a long time, doing what he's been doing for so many years as a Super Bowl Champion and MVP. We just got to come with the same enthusiasm that I know they're going to bring to our stadium."

On the difference between his play from the first preseason game to the second:
"I'm just flying around a little bit more and not being so hesitant. I'm just trying to make plays as much as I can and getting my read coverages a lot quicker, and that's something that game by game will be progressing and get better. The more reps I get in practice and the more reps I get in the game the better it will be to improve my game."

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