Monday's Notes

John Keim reports on the happenings with the Redskins today.

…The media restriction with practice began today; we're only allowed to watch about 20 minutes of the work, so there's not a lot you can see, except who isn't practicing. Today, Carlos Rogers, Mike Sellers and Mike Williams sat out. We'd expect Rogers and Sellers to play Friday vs. New England. But Williams? Who knows. This camp has not played out the way he would have anticipated. But is anyone else surprised?

…Heard that Jon Jansen could earn a spot as a backup utility linemen with Detroit. He's pretty much played all over for the Lions. It's even possible that he might start a game or two.

Chase Daniel is a humble kid, it seems. He's taking his preseason debut as a good start and nothing more. That's wise considering he has a long ways to go. Daniel definitely appears shorter than his listed height of 6-feet, but the Redskins are sticking to that measurement.

Colt Brennan remains upbeat despite his early stumbles. Brennan is highly confident in what he can do, but he's also not running from the fact that he hasn't played well. Brennan is always willing to talk to reporters, even when he knows it'll be about a poor outing.

…Brennan honestly believed he could win the No. 2 job; Todd Collins has that all but locked up and he should. You could trust Collins in a game; you could not say the same about Brennan.

…When Jim Zorn was asked about Devin Thomas' inability to break up a pass that was eventually intercepted, he did not place all the blame on Thomas. However, there's little doubt Thomas could have made a better effort.

…But Zorn's answer points to something else: he is not as brutally honest this season as last year. Clearly, someone told him to tone it down because he most definitely has. He said a week or so ago that he had not changed that approach, but last summer Zorn would have been harsher on Thomas for that play.

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