Post Game Quotes: Patriots at Redskins

See what Jim Zorn, Colt Brennan, Jason Campbell, DeAngelo Hall and LaRon Landry had to say.


On Jason Campbell's performance tonight:
"I thought Jason started out strong. I wish we had completed that one pass that Santana Moss got behind the defender. There were a couple of plays that we will continue to learn and push him to move on. He got stuck on a couple of receivers, but I was very pleased. He came out aggressive. He was accurate. He was real solid with what he had to do on the line of scrimmage. His tempo was very good. I think he was excited."

On how the offense felt after having numerous three-and-outs:
"That was frustrating because we were playing a good team. We are going to get some three-and-outs, but what was great about our defense is that we didn't get down on ourselves. Nobody was down, we just had to find the formula for moving the ball on the ground. We were struggling early with moving the ball on the ground and then we found some of the things we were looking for. We mixed it up with some aggressive pass plays and I thought our receivers did a nice job of separating from defenders. We left a couple out there that we could have had. We will look at the video and probably see more. We had some good plays out there on offense."

On having 15 penalties in the game:
"That is one of the real disappointments in the game. As I talked about it with our team, you could just see everyone groaning. We all have to just take responsibility for that as a group. We had too many of the 15-yard type and there were several times on defense where we could've gotten off the field and we didn't because of that. That happened last week as well but not as much. We had a few this week that really hurt us. They have a great offense. You let them have that extra series and bad results happen for the home team."

On the unsportsmanlike penalty call against the bench:
"There was a lot of guys yelling and screaming on the bench. The official had it in his mind that somebody had been harsher than they needed to be. There was a little discrepancy about what was being said and how loud it was being said."

On if he saw Bill Belichick call a timeout before the fumble at the end of the game:
"I didn't see it. That is why I called timeout because they all of a sudden gave the ball back and I thought it was clearly our ball. I saw the fumble, I saw the snap, I saw us recover so I wanted a clarification instead of just letting them go and do their thing. That's why I called a timeout, to see what happened. Clearly Bill called timeout before the ball was even close to being snapped, so it was legal play."

On Colt Brennan's night:
"I would say it was a mixed bag. He had some really big plays, a couple of really big throws and a couple of great adjustments. Yet he showed his lack of NFL experience out there, especially on the interception and on the sack. But other than that he is going to like some of the things that he did."

On if it was his plan to let Colt Brennan finish the end of the game:
"Yes it was. I want to get a good feel for him. He loves to play so it is no sweat for him to go out and play as much as he can."

On if he has seen growth from Colt Brennan:
"Yes, in some areas and there is still more. He is still young and I liked what he did today."

Quarterback Colt Brennan

On his interception that was returned for a touchdown:

"I knew it was man [coverage]. When it is man coverage like that, you've got to be able to throw a perfect ball. The cornerback had good coverage. If I threw it a little more out front, we might have been alright. Unfortunately, I kind of put it on him. The cornerback was able to step in front and pick it."

On if he should have thrown the ball differently on the interception:
"We got it on the goal line. Everything happens so much faster down there. I was just trying to squeeze one in there. It was man and the receiver broke out and I tried to put it on him. If I had put it more out front, the receiver may have made the play and we may have made the play and been in the end zone."

On his touchdown pass:
"It was third down and they were playing a coverage that at first I did not think the play would be there but the safety stayed inside. Marko Mitchell did a great job. He was supposed to run a hitch and stop and he realized the defense had busted the coverage. So, he put his hand up and ran for the end zone. I saw him at the last second and gave it to him."

On the feeling of relief following the touchdown pass:
"Last year I was taking chances and it seemed like everything was going great. This year, it seems like every time I take a chance, I pay for it. To finally get in the end zone and finally have a touchdown, it is like a monkey is off my back."


On if he felt like he got into a groove tonight:

"Yes, most definitely. We came out, we tried to establish ourselves a little bit more in our passing game, trying to get some underneath throws and attack downfield. One thing we wanted to get a feel about since we were going against such a great team was to see how we could match up and see how our younger guys could come out and help us. Right now, I see that we have a lot of depth at our receiver position – Marko Mitchell, Devin Thomas, and Malcolm Kelly are all coming along. I think that's only going to benefit and help us throughout the season."

On how he feels after the shot he took to his arm:
"I feel good. I feel great right now. When it first happened, it was an intense hit right underneath my shoulder. It felt like a stinger for a second, but I'm definitely fine now."

On if the offense is now ready for the regular season:
"Yes, I feel like we're ready. We've practiced a whole lot during the week and tonight we played three quarters. Then, we were almost able to take another drive down and score in the third quarter. We put a game plan together, we came out and played together and tried to build some continuity; and guys got in the flow of the game because we knew we were going to play the entire first half and maybe a little bit in the third quarter. So, the mindset and everything, as a unit, was a little different."

On if there was a throw he would like back tonight:
"Maybe the one to Santana [Moss], you know the deep ball. Last week, it was a yard short. This week, it was a yard long. So, next time, it'll be right in the chest."

On the importance of wide receiver Santana Moss' third down catch:
"It was big. We were trying to come out and throw one to Malcolm Kelly, but the guy buzzed right underneath it. I knew I couldn't get my [running] back out because he was in protection, so I was able to come back across and throw the ball to Santana. It's not something you want to do all the time because sometimes guys can pick those and go back the other way. Santana made a great catch and then we were able to get the big play with [tight end Chris] Cooley. Those are the type of plays that are going to be game-changers for us. It's hard to continue to score when you're having 14 and 15 play drives and put a lot of points on the board – it's not going to happen. You've got to be able to have those big plays to get you down the field and help you score."

On the offensive line's performance during the preseason:
"I haven't been sacked. They've done an outstanding job of protecting as a unit. I think a lot of it has to do with communication and guys just being on the same page. We're facing great fronts. You getBaltimore, Pittsburgh and now New England; from my perspective, I feel confident now that I have time to get through a lot of my progressions."

On the team's performance in the first half:
"We came out and had some fun. We tried to execute a lot of different areas of the field. I just wish we had that bomb back, that one shot to Santana [Moss] deep down the field. Those are things that we have to continue to keep doing because those are game changing plays that can help us in the season. So it was exciting to get out here and play for almost three full quarters and get our feet wet and get our feel almost a full game. We're excited about some of the things that we did but we can still do better."

On the Redskins offense taking shots down the field:
"That's something that we have done the last two weeks. Last week we took a couple shots, this week we did the same thing. We have to continue to keep doing that. That's only going to help us have explosive plays and to score points in this league. You have to be able to put the balls down the field and come up with some big plays. [Chris] Cooley had a great catch and run down the sideline. You can see our guys – the play wasn't over – they kept running and got blockers in front of him. It's a team effort."

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall:

On the state of the Redskins defense:

"We still have to get better. I think that everybody knows that it's a work in progress. This was a good test. I think we did pretty good. We made adjustments late and we were able to get to him. I think that if we would have stayed out there we still would be getting to him right now."

On the challenges of facing a team like the New England Patriots:
"They have a lot of weapons over there on that offense. We knew that. We knew they had a lot of weapons and we knew that our matchup between us and them with all those weapons was going to give us a nice measuring stick. Like I said, I felt like if we had stayed out there and played a real football game I think we had a nice recipe dialed up to where we could get to them and confuse them a little bit. I feel good. I feel good about this team, I feel good about this defense. The offense came out there and played phenomenal football and kept us in it. You need a team. You need all facets of the game."

Safety LaRon Landry

On the benefits of playing a team like the Patriots, with offensive talent such as Tom Brady and Randy Moss:

"That's why we stayed in so long. That's why we came back in when the second half started because we wanted to get more looks."

On the second touchdown Randy Moss scored tonight:
"When [Tom Brady] started to scramble, I just lost sight of him. He ran a great route, and Tom did a great job of coming back to him because he looked at him and then I thought he was going away. Then he started scrambling, I took my eyes off him, and he got loose."

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