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John Keim gives his opinions and analysis on the big topics for the Redskins today: Colt vs. Chase, Marcus Mason vs. the other Running Backs and Portis vs. Riggo.

…Though locked in a battle with Chase Daniel, we still expect Colt Brennan to emerge as the No. 3 quarterback. Brennan has made his share of mistakes, but on two of his interceptions this summer, inexperience was the culprit. Most important: his mistakes can be corrected. The Redskins clearly wanted to push him and even privately the coaches say it's a legitimate race. However, the feeling remains that it's Brennan's job to lose. For starters, he still projects to more than a No. 3 – maybe no more than a 2, but that's still a quality backup. Daniel, on the other hand, does not project to anything other than a No. 3.

If Daniel is cut, it's doubtful any teams would pick him up. If Brennan is cut, somebody would keep him. That's not how a final decision is made necessarily, but a player's ceiling is a consideration. Daniel will be a terrific coach one day, but for now he could be stashed on the practice squad.

…Brennan is surprised to find himself in this situation. A bit frustrated, too. But he's saying all the right things. He knows that if he took a different approach, and be upset, it could derail his chances of landing a spot.

…We like Marcus Mason as a runner; he's tough, dependable and patient. All good qualities. But the Redskins have three runners ahead of him who fit that description. And he is not good at picking up the blitz. That makes a huge difference. So if the Redskins kept an extra back, we'd lean to Anthony Alridge. He has something the Redskins want: speed. If he develops, he would provide a different look. He had fumble issues early in camp – big fumble issues – but that can be corrected. Oh, did we mention that he was recommended by Mike Shanahan – a buddy of Vinny Cerrato's?

Clinton Portis went off again a little bit on John Riggins, as he did in the Washington Examiner in early August. Portis told the Examiner at that time about Riggo, who took some shots at the guy who might break his rushing record this season, "If he feels so sad about it then I'll get one yard behind it and walk off the field if he wants it to stand on. It's not that serious to me. For him to take shots, I'd rather come in and blast off at him as well. But having the appreciation of him in this community and the groundwork he laid before me, I would be wrong to take that shot. … One day I might really speak my mind to him."

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