Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A With: Eli Manning

See what Eli Manning had to say to the media today.

Q: You had such a good comfort level with Plaxico and Amani, how different has it been for you this summer?
A: There are a lot of new faces out there. We have some rookies who are up to par on what's going on. But we still have guys who have been here, guys who have played and started and know the offense well. It's a matter of adjusting to do what they do well, run the routes that they feel comfortable with and do best.

Q: Jason is going through the same thing you went through a couple years ago, what are some traits that you used to get through that and succeed?
A: You focus on your job and you try to win games every week and improve every week and earn the respect of your teammates. That's what I do week in and week out.

Q: Now that the Redskins have Albert Haynesworth, how much of an extra challenge is that?
A: He's a tremendous player. You have to know where he is and what he's doing. You still have to go out and execute our game plan. There are other guys on the field besides him. They have playmakers throughout the whole defense. It still comes down to execution and playing great football.

Q: Is there any difference in the locker room this year compared to last year?
A: I think guys are hungry, ready for the start of the season. We're excited about what we can do as a team t his year and I think there might be more something to prove this year. You still have to come out and be mentally ready for the opening game and we still have to come out playing great football.

Q: How much does DeAngelo Hall change the Redskins secondary?
A: He's a very talented corner. They like to play man to man and he has great speed. He's a good corner and our receivers have to run great routes and I have to throw it on time.

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