Midweek Report

What is the big locker room topic heading in to the game? What weird artifact does Casey Rabach have in his locker? What was the best quote of the day. All this and more is right here.

Locker Room Topic:

Stopping the Giants' pass rush. The Redskins know they're facing one of the best defensive lines. New York will use three and four ends on the field, sending blitzes from various spots. The Redskins know the linebacking corps, save for Antonio Pierce, is not that strong. The key is making sure to protect Jason Campbell so they can capitalize on that weakness. The linemen seem ready for this game and want to prove right away that they can pass block. But, as Stephon Heyer said, they want to do that every week.

The News:

Malcolm Kelly will start at flanker opposite Santana Moss. Can't say anyone was surprised. Kelly has shown he can be more explosive downfield and that's one reason he'll get the nod. In talking to players about both young wideouts, the only knock on Kelly had been inexperience while Thomas' issue was inconsistency. Also, in listening to players, they always seemed to mention Kelly first and foremost as a key who could help. So this was not a surprise to them, either.

The Vibe:

Excitement; confidence. The typical feelings entering a season. There was a lot of joking around, mostly by Mike Sellers, who seemed to work his way into every interview session. It seems funny to newcomers; it's a bit tiresome to those who have been around. He snuck up on a group interview with Clinton Portis, Jason Campbell and Chris Cooley. He did his lip jokes about Campbell and threw paper wads at him.

Funny Sight:

High up in Casey Rabach's locker is a framed picture of long snapper Ethan Albright. Struck us as funny. Albright's locker is next to his.

Best Quote:

Albert Haynesworth cracked up the press, and ended his gathering with this line when asked about facing a big back in Brandon Jacobs, "What is he 250? I weighed 250 when I was in the 10th grade."

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