Day After Quotes: September 14, 2009

See what Jim Zorn, Lorenzo Alexander, DeAngelo Hall, Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle El, & Carlos Rogers had to say today about the loss to the Giants.

Head Coach Jim Zorn On yesterday's game:
"We came out of it pretty good. Our guys are sore, they battled hard. It was a very physical game. We just hope we can score more. We fell short in that department. We ended up running 49 plays. I called my fifth play on the script midway in the second quarter, so we didn't have a lot of chances early. When we did, we actually moved the ball. It was frustrating to watch just from the things that we did not do well. There was so much good that it's a hard statement to make because there was a lot of good in there. What we are going to do is try to build on the positive things. I think our guys, when they see what happened and how it happened, there will be a lot of recovery here and a lot of practice time on those things that we just fell short on. We will improve. I believe that we will improve."

On what he liked about Jason Campbell's play:
"His decision making, all except for throwing the ball three yards past the line of scrimmage. He had about six yards and he threw the ball past the line of scrimmage, and plus it was an interception. It was poor. I like almost everything else he does, but he will look at it. He felt terrible about it last night as we talked about it. I can say, ‘Hey, obey the rules. You have to throw the ball behind the line of scrimmage.' He knows that. He just lost sight of where he was and thought he could get into Santana [Moss]."

On the failed "trick" play of the game on the second play:
"The trick play was pretty sound. It was the right field position, it was on the script. To me it couldn't have been set up any better. They covered it well. They covered Santana, which most of the day they tried to take him out of the game. They did a good job with two guys on him. They had him covered. They had Chris Cooley covered on the play. I would trust every time if I called it again, that Antwaan [Randle El] would just throw it away. He decided to try and make something out of it. There was nothing really there. That wasn't the key to the game either, it was just a play. The play with Jason (interception) was a play. Those things added up. The several plays added up to us being frustrated most the day on offense just because they were drive stoppers or they caused the field position to be in such a way. We ended up punting there, and even on the punt, the ball hits the two and plops over our stopper's head."

On the defense's struggles on third and long:
"The only thing that I can go on in the things that I saw was that we gave a little too much cushion in the secondary. We needed to get closer, ride closer to those receivers to make plays. When we did we proved we could knock the ball down. We proved that we could slip inside and potentially get an interception. When we didn't, it just seemed to be easy. When the protection was there, it was easy. Those are things that we will learn. Jerry [Gray] is a great coach. I think our guys really listen well. We will continue to get closer and closer to those receivers. They had some long drives, but I think they will get more and more used to that idea of getting closer and closer to those receivers. I think that is what it was."

On making more defensive tackles active because of the tackle rotation:
"That was an issue to have the eight guys down. The issue for me was really going to be between [Anthony] Montgomery and Marko Mitchell. I had some four wide receiver stuff and I didn't want a receiver to go down and take us out of that. I let Marko up thinking that we could put Philip Daniels inside if we got in trouble. It thought we did a nice job in a couple drive stopping plays in the red zone to force them to kick field goals and Albert [Haynesworth] was a big part of that. I think our defensive tackles did a nice job, along with London [Fletcher] making some key tackles. It was pretty good."

On whether or not QB Jason Campbell was comfortable in the pocket:
"The one play we got the ball knocked out, I looked at it about three or four times this morning, he could have stepped up further in the pocket and then he could have made a decision to throw. Either throw the ball away or run. There was nothing really there. Again, we were trying to go deep to Santana [Moss], they doubled him. We tried to get the ball to [Chris] Cooley, he was covered and he's looking for the check down. He really did the right thing. We always talk about that rhythm, that clock and that clock didn't go off for him. He'll see it and we'll get better at that. That was critical play in the game with them scooping and scoring. Just think of the irony, with them fumbling a snap in their first series and gaining five yards and for us getting the ball batted and they got a touchdown on us."

On stepping up in the pocket being instinctual for QB Jason Campbell:
"He does it. On that play he was waiting for a back to uncover. The instincts are; take a look and then get rid of the ball. Take a look and make a decision. He didn't make a decision on that play."

On DT Albert Haynesworth being down on the field following one play:
"He got the wind knocked out of him, that's all. He came off and went back in. I wasn't nervous. One thing about him that I did notice in the football game is when he is in there he is going as hard as he can. I look around our defense and they were flying around. They were really working hard to get off the field. Just some of those critical third downs didn't get us there. That's what happened in the early part of the game, in the later part of the game we were doing what we had hoped would happen. Put a little more pressure on Eli [Manning], stopping the running game consistently, and getting the ball back."

On if he is satisfied with the amount DT Albert Haynesworth played:
"Yes. This was our first game with all of our starters playing the whole game. We will get a better feel for what we can and can't do and what that rotation will be. Every week I think I am going to agonize over deciding the last two or three guys that are inactive to maybe getting a bigger guy in when the run game is stellar. I wanted to get Marko Mitchell in because he had been doing pretty well in the preseason. We didn't utilize him that much. It is a hard decision."

On wishing DT Albert Haynesworth was in the game more:
"Absolutely, I wish he would play 100 percent of the time at 100 percent speed, but he weighs 340 pounds. He is a load, and I think moving that much mass can kind of take it out of you. We'll figure that out a little bit more as we go along. I wasn't displeased with the type of play he had on the field and really the amount. I'm looking all the time for him to push it and when I don't see him in there everybody else is picking up the slack."

On wide receivers' performance:
"[Antwaan] Randle El did a wonderful job. It's kind of an opportunistic thing for receivers. We had Randle El open a lot because he just beat his guy and Chris Cooley is very difficult to cover. So both of those guys did a nice job. They tried to take away Santana. We did have Malcolm open a few times. We didn't get the ball to him, we actually threw earlier. He's open, but we threw to Antwaan. I really like what he did. He got into open space and was able to do something with the ball. The empty backfield sets are a nice change-up. Really it's a change-up than pure offense because teams can learn to defend it and force you to throw quicker than you want to because you can only have six-man protection once you bring guys back in. It keeps the defense on their heels a little bit and off that pure pass rush.

On gadget plays:
"I threw that reverse pass because we have a guy that can really throw. I think it was worth the risk no question about it. It was a solid play. To me it wasn't trickster stuff, it was just a solid play. If Antwaan [Randle El] was just a pure receiver and I was just sort of hoping that he could get the ball out I wouldn't have called it. I have six other guys saying, ‘Watch me throw coach,' and I have got tackles catching the ball saying, ‘Watch me catch the ball.' I am not that much of trickster."

On whether or not he was surprised the play was so well covered:
"The disappointing part was the decision at the end. Antwaan [Randle El] was beside himself and we all felt bad. Now, we still had a second down. I was trying to get half of that back. So I ran a draw and hit [Chris] Cooley on a tight end screen which we got close to overcoming that. It was just something that happened."

Defensive Lineman Lorenzo Alexander

On how Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache is handling the loss:
"I think he is being real in terms of what happened in the game. He is watching the film and trying to take notes to improve on what we did wrong from a player standpoint and a coaching standpoint."

On why the defense was better on third and short as opposed to third and long:
"We knew on third and short they wanted to run the ball and give it to [Brandon] Jacobs. On third and long, we got after it and we had some opportunities to get off the field. We didn't make the key plays and they took advantage of that."

On the rotation with the defensive tackles continuing throughout the season:
"It all depends on who we have up. With [Anthony] Montgomery down, I knew I was going to have to play more tackle than I was planning to. I am just rotating in and trying to do a good job as far as filling in for guys when they got tired."

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall

On how disappointing it was after having a strong second half of the season last year to not play as well against the Giants:
"It was disappointing but like coach said, those guys get paid too. They get paid to make plays and they executed. I haven't had a chance to sit down and watch the film and really critique it and see what happened. I am basing it off what I was thinking during the game, after coming to sideline and trying to make some corrections on some things. We will get up and watch the film in a little bit and try to break it down some more and try to determine where we could have done better."

On not being able to stop the Giants on third down:
"We didn't do it at all. We knew coming into the game we needed to do it in order to win this game. I think in the first half they were 5-for-8 or something like that. We knew ahead of time we had to stop them and give our offense a chance."

Wide Receiver Santana Moss

On how the loss to the Giants affected the team:
"I was not as upset as I could be. If I was really upset it would have been because we don't have any hope. I was not really upset because after all we had done offensively, which was nothing, we were still right in the game. You can't go up there (New York) and do what we did and win a game. It boils down to what coach says when you beat yourself. You cannot expect anything else to happen than what happened."

On his reactions after reviewing the altercation between him and Giants cornerback Corey Webster:
"I didn't think anything of it. It was done and left on the field. You got to understand there are certain things you are going to go through playing this game. There are certain ways you have to handle those situations. Whatever happened when it took place that happened, when it is over it is over and that is where I left it."

On the offense having the same problems against the Giants as they did last season:
"It is the first game. The film doesn't lie. All we can do is go back on film and see some of the things that we didn't do. It was some of the things that happened last year. We have to put that on ourselves. In order for us to be better, we have to correct it. Just knowing how we can correct it that is the bright side. I don't feel like anything we did was up to our caliber yesterday. I have seen us play sound football with rhythm. One thing that was lacking was rhythm as an offense. It is hard to get into a rhythm when you have miscues and we know that. We have to correct that."

Wide Receiver Antwaan Randle El

On being able to draw anything from losing to the Giants in the opener last year and then winning 6 of their next 7 games:
"The past is past. That was last year. You got to look at the game we had last year. We didn't move the ball particularly well at all last year against the Giants in the game up there. We were moving the ball and moving the ball well yesterday. We just didn't capitalize on some things. After we look at the film and get the Giants out of our mind, we will focus on St. Louis. Our next goal is to beat St. Louis and not to focus on anything else and that was the approach we took last year."

On not connecting on many passing plays during yesterday's game:
"We left some stuff out there. When Jason [Campbell] got the ball knocked out, we had open guys. The deep guy was covered but the underneath guy was open. In the redzone, they all-out-blitzed us and we did not get it off quick enough."

Cornerback Carlos Rogers

On the biggest improvements coming between the first and second game:
"It's not just each week, it is every day. There is coaching every day and you can spot something every day you can work on and get better at. I think that is where we got to start this week for the Rams. We got to look at the film today. There is a lot of things we did wrong. We did some good stuff but not enough. They (Giants) made plays when they needed to."

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