Coache's Corner: Zorn Q & A, Sept 18, '09

Jim Zorn spoke with the media today. Here is the Q&A transcript:

On the status of Colt Brennan:
"He had surgery last Monday; a similar surgery that he had on his other hip. It was a small labrum tear and it was said to be the reason he kept pulling his hamstring. He got that repaired, and I believe he is coming back today and will be at the game [Sunday]."

On how long until Brennan can resume athletic activities:
"It's going to be an estimate of three months, so it's a long time. That's what happened last time. He's a gym rat though, so he is going to be around. He isn't going to be like, ‘I will see you all next fall.'"

On if Chris Samuels practiced today, and Anthony Montgomery's status for the game against the Rams:
"Yes, Chris Samuels did practice the whole time. Anthony Montgomery is questionable. I think he may be ready to go, but he just has a little roughness on his knee."

On handling Anthony Montgomery during practice:
"We just manage him during practice. If we have to limit his reps, we will, but he should be fine."

On who will be inactive on Sunday:
"I suspect with eight guys on it, five will stay the same and the last three will most likely change. I'm not sure yet. I was up last night making the decision on it."

On having a personal grudge with the Rams:
"It's not really personal. It was an opponent that beat us last year, and we we're 0-1 against them since I have been here. We played them twice every year when I was with the Seahawks. They are a different team this year since they have a new head coach, new regime, a new offensive coordinator, and a new defensive coordinator. There have been a lot of changes that have been made, so I look at this as being the first time we have played the Rams."

On Fred Davis' blocking in the game:
"Fred has done an excellent job blocking, and it's been a major improvement in his game. I credit him and his hard work, and credit Scott Wachenheim, who has come in with some offensive line background and he has come in and made the tight ends better run blockers and pass protectors. So, we have been able to nip some of this stuff up, but I am proud of Fred Davis' accomplishments."

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