Quotes and Notes: Skins 9, Rams 7

See what Coach Zorn and several players had to say today after the win over the Rams. Also included are some player notes and career marks.

Head Coach Jim Zorn

On if he was frustrated with the offensive not moving the ball:
"I think we are moving the ball. It is the scoring that is frustrating. Fortunately, we have a kicker that is making plays because we need every point we can get right now. But, we're not going to stay there. That is really the bottom line here. I have got to look at this thing very hard because it is my responsibility. I can wave all kinds of magic wands but I have to come up with the right play and put our guys in the right position. As we look at it, we will figure out more and more about what we need to do to finish these drives."

On his feelings of not converting the final fourth-down play:
"It was a goal line play. It was our number one goal line run but when we got down there it was a little bit more emotional and revved up on both sides of the ball. We wanted it badly and they won the line of scrimmage. I think Clinton Portis gave all that he could give on that particular play. But they established a little pressure on our side of the line of scrimmage instead of us knocking them off."

On if it was a no-brainer to run the ball on fourth down instead of kicking a field goal:
"I hope I was using my brain. I felt confident being that far in with time on the clock and no timeouts. We had a good opportunity. If they could drive 99 yards or at least 75 to kick a field goal then that would've been the wrong choice, but they didn't. Our defense was playing well all day long."

On his feelings of winning the game:
"I feel really good about the win. When we walked into the locker room, it was quiet. We knew that we underperformed in areas but we were really good in a lot. I think our guys were looking around saying, ‘wait we won.' We're going to celebrate the victory, we're going to celebrate what we did well and then we will get back to work. The thing I know about our team, including our coaching staff, is that we will find a way and we will get better again next week."

On feelings of the overall progression of the team since preseason and his play-calling:
"I am very pleased with how we are progressing. I don't feel comfortable not scoring a touchdown or not scoring very much. But I feel very good because we are protecting Jason Campbell better, and we ran the ball better today, so there are a lot of things that are positive. I really want to give myself an opportunity to really look hard at it. I think it is a mixed bag."

On guard Randy Thomas' and quarterback Jason Campbell's injuries:
"Randy Thomas strained his triceps, on the other arm that he injured a few years ago. We don't know the extent of it. We're going to take a look at it. Jason Campbell sprained his ankle in the second quarter. I stayed away from plays where he had to run, but then he took off and ran for a really nice, near first down in the fourth quarter. I was really proud of how he played with the injury."

Quarterback Jason Campbell

On the sprained ankle he suffered during the second quarter:
"Yeah, I can't remember what play it was. A guy just kind of rolled it up and it was kind of tender the rest of the game. I just kept trying to fight through it and not pay any attention to it. But, one of the guys did catch me. I can't remember what play it was."

On moving the ball successfully, but failing to find success in the red zone:
"It's tough. We had two dropped touchdown passes early in the game that would have put us up 14-0. You would have a totally different game. When you keep getting field goals, you keep teams hungry. With a team like St. Louis, you give them confidence and they continue to fight and continue to stay in the game. The touchdowns mean a lot to us because it gives us a little leeway and freedom to do some different things."

On the emotional effect of not scoring touchdowns:
"It's frustrating. You're able to move the ball up and down the field – I'm not sure how many third downs we ended up getting today – but you'd like to score points. A lot of it just has to do with attitude and the mentality that we're going to score. We've got to understand that every time we get the ball, we have to play every play as hard as we do when we hear a big play called."

On the effectiveness of the no-huddle offense:
"It feels good. It's something that the guys are comfortable with, the receivers are very comfortable with, and it gives us the opportunity to change the tempo of the game. We were going to do it longer, but the situation called for us to huddle back up. To us it's fun, so we enjoy it. It spreads people out and gives us the opportunity to see the field."

On the effect of guard Randy Thomas being injured:
"Other guys have to step up and we have to help them along the way. It's definitely tough because Randy [Thomas] has that experience, and that experience helps you a lot in these games because you've seen a lot of looks that you may not have practiced, but when you see it in the game, you've seen it somewhere before and can adjust to it. Whereas, with a younger guy, it's something totally different."

On getting the win, even with an imperfect performance:
"Guys have got to understand, at this level, it's hard to win. And anytime you get a win, you take it for what it's worth and you move on and you get ready for the next week. Last year, we were rolling really well and this is the same team we lost to, 17-16. So, would you rather be on the opposite end of it, trying to improve your season? Or, would you rather be on the winning side of it and say, ‘Let's go. We can improve. Let's get better and let's go win?' That's the attitude you've got to have. You can't worry about how everyone expects you to play against a team because last year this is the team that beat us; the team that really broke our season. This year, we came out on the other side of it. Was it pretty? It wasn't pretty at all. But, you learn from it and you move on. Next time you come out and play, you want to be impressive, and then you get an attitude about it."

Tight End Chris Cooley

On if targeting him for passing plays was determined prior to the game:
"To be honest, I would hope that there's a determined seven to eight looks that I'm going to get every week. And I think with guys like Clinton [Portis] and Santana [Moss], and even [Antwaan Randle] El, we're going to try to designate plays and say, ‘we gotta get these guys this many touches.' This is what we're going to do well."

On if being the focal point of the offense early was the original game plan or if it evolved into that:
"I think a confidence starts to build when you have four catches on a drive. Even towards the end of that drive they were still calling plays to me. I had a couple other plays that were covered. The confidence builds when you make plays early. You see that there's a weakness and you're attacking it. That why they stayed with me early."

On if this offense is where he thought it would be when he entered training camp:
"I think we were much more consistent today. I think up and down the field we had a lot of consistency. Jason [Campbell] did a great job protecting the ball. Other than the Santana Moss' fumble we really protected the ball well. We made a lot of first downs. Would I like to score? Of course I'd like to score three or four touchdowns, which we should have done today. But it didn't happen, and we still won. And I think the offense has a lot of confidence about what we did. When we watch the film it will look a lot better than we already think it is."

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall

On holding the Rams' offense to seven points:
"We still got to get better. There were still plays out there that could have been made that we didn't make. On the touchdown, we were scrambling out of the huddle. If we had gotten the communication down that play would have been a non-factor. There are a whole lot of things that factor in, but the bottom line is we got to make plays. We had a turnover early in the game, but there was a roughing the passer. We couldn't get them off on third down. It feels good to come out here and get a win even giving up the plays we gave up."

On how quiet the locker room was following a win:
"It is quiet because we won in such an ugly fashion. You don't even really take pride in the win. This was a great team and hats off to them. Everybody knows this was not the same team we saw on film last week. At the same time, you cannot play the way we played and keep giving them opportunities to get back in the game, whether it is not scoring on offense or not getting off the field on third down."

On if they felt they did not play well on defense despite giving up only seven points:
"We played well enough to win the game. Did we play great? I still need to watch the film, but from just being out there on the field it did not feel like we played great. I felt like we played well enough to win, and we won."

On whether the defense was upset about their third-down defense early in the game:
"That is always frustrating. Third down is where you are going to make your money. You got to get off the field on third down. We haven't been doing it these first two games. Second half we stepped up a little bit and played a lot better. You got to play from start to finish. You got to come out and attack. You can't just keep getting hit in the mouth and then want to fight back."

Safety Chris Horton

On his forced fumble:
"It's just one of those plays. Carlos [Rogers] was playing man-to-man and they always say, ‘good things happen when you run to the ball.' I was just running to the ball and thinking to myself:
‘Get this guy down. Make them kick a field goal. We don't want to give up seven points.'"

On if he sensed how important a play it was when it occurred:
"Right then and there I sensed that, ‘they didn't get three, and they didn't get seven.' That's a big stop. We got the ball back to our offense and let them move the ball."

On how much the defense is trying to get a turnover in that situation:
"You're always thinking turnover. We're thinking turnover in the early part of the game. But right then and there we're thinking that if they throw it, let's try to get a pick or get the ball up in the air and somebody try to get the ball back to our offense."

Wide Receiver Santana Moss

On the Redskins' red zone offense:
"I don't really know what's being called until we get into the huddle. We're very aggressive. We're not trying to hold back. We're trying to get what we can, and we just came up short."

On if the relief of winning their first game outweighs the offense's inability to score touchdowns:
"A win is a win. Yes, we would like to do a little more. All we can do is go back to practice and try to get better."

Wide Receiver Antwaan Randle El

On if he ever thought the game was going to slip away:
"I didn't feel like it was going to slip away. I just felt that we needed to get another chance. Our defense did a good job of getting the ball back. Knocking the ball loose down near the goal line was a big play. If they had kicked a field goal there, they would have been up one. At the same time, we are thankful. We were blessed with another opportunity and we came out with a ‘W.'"

On if it was frustrating to not score a touchdown despite getting into the red zone four times:
"In the first half it was more about momentum. You have the drive and you get down there, you want to get it in there. You got the momentum, you want to keep it. Our defense did a good job after we didn't score. We've got to put the ball in the end zone."

Player Notes:

* Redskins linebacker London Fletcher started his 137th consecutive contest today, the fourth-longest streak in the league.

* Fletcher has now played in 178 straight contests, tied for the second-longest streak in the league.

* Chris Cooley has now played in all 82 consecutive games since entering the league in 2004.

* Cooley has started 66 straight games.

* Cooley has caught a pass in 74 consecutive regular-season contests.

* Running back Marcus Mason made his NFL regular-season debut today and had his first career carry, a three-yard run, in the second quarter.

* Malcolm Kelly's four catches for 41 yards today were both career highs.

* Cooley's 14 catches are the most he has ever had through the first two weeks of a season, surpassing the six receptions he had in the first two weeks of 2008.

* Cooley's 151 yards through two weeks are 72 more than the 79 he had through two weeks last year, his previous best in Weeks 1-2.

* Long snapper Ethan Albright played in his 220th career game today and his 210th in a row.

* Clinton Portis's incomplete pass the second quarter was the sixth attempt of his career. He is now 3-of-6 for 47 yards and three touchdowns.

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