Coach Zorn and Player Quotes, Sep 21, 2009

See what Coach Zorn and several players, had to say today after the win over the Rams. Several Offensive Linemen talk about how to replace Randy Thomas. Also, Robert Henson discusses his Twitter "issues."

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On guard Randy Thomas' injury:

"Randy has a complete tear of the right triceps. He's going to have surgery on Wednesday or Thursday. We are very disappointed and he is very disappointed. He felt it pop, so we're going to get that repaired. He will be on the Injured Reserve."

On what the options are for filling the position:

"Right now I am going to meet with the offensive staff and that will be a major subject that we will try to get the right formula for. I don't know who is going to fill that position right now. It may not be decided with the guys that are here, but we may try a couple scenarios."

On if Chad Rinehart is ready to take the position:

"We have actually liked him in there with the starting group because they help him rise up. That will be something that we talk about and look at as well. Will Montgomery did a very good job, and I'm considering him as well, but we have a couple other guys as well."

On if it's going to be a tough choice for him to make:

"I think it's going to be a hard choice to make because of where we've come with the guys that we've got. I think we've got to have someone in this program this week that's going to start on Sunday."

On if he thinks they have a player that can take the position:
"Yes, I think that it's going to happen that way. We have several guys to choose from. I don't know if we can go outside the organization right now and have a guy ready for Detroit. They have an excellent defense. They have two big tackles. We've got to have somebody that can communicate our terminology and our way of training guys. I think Coach [Joe] Bugel will get that guy ready."

On the conversation between him and special teams coach Danny Smith on the sidelines:
"He saw the 25-second clock, and I didn't. There were about four or five guys in front of the 25-second clock from my vantage point. He had looked at the other clock. So we had time that we could take off the clock. He doesn't have a head set on, and I do. He just got fired up about it. He saw me call timeout and I couldn't hear him so he got right in front of me, because I was looking onto the field. He was helping the situation, not hurting the situation."

On dropped passes in the end zone:
"Overall, I think we improved, but we have to pay attention to the detail of our work. This is a Danny Smith quote, ‘Detail your work.' That's what it's going to take for us to continue to improve. We'll see it today when the players see the video. They'll be talked to by the position coaches and by me about the details about some of those things that are happening less than they should."

On quarterback Jason Campbell's injury:
"He might be limited because his foot is a little bit swollen. It's more of a foot sprain than an ankle sprain. I think he will be fine, we just have to wait until Wednesday."

Tight End Chris Cooley

On if he thinks the offense improved from Week 1 to Week 2:
"We saw a lot of sparks in Week 1. We saw a lot of what we could do. In Week 2, I felt like we moved the ball down the field almost every time we had it. It was not often that we punted. We put together some nice drives and guys made nice plays. Jason did an outstanding job controlling the ball for us. That is a lot of positives. We'll look back and see we did a lot of great things in this game and it will be good to build on."

On if the mood of the team has changed since yesterday:
"I think we loosened up after Z-Man (Jim Zorn) talked in the locker room and everyone started to feel better about winning the football game. We are excited to take a win. We are celebrating the win."

On if the offense is seeing different coverages in the red zone as compared to the rest of the field:
"We knew what coverages the Rams played in the red zone. We knew that they bracketed and played what everyone would think of as a cover-4. It wasn't like they surprised us with their coverages. They did a good job. We just weren't able to get it in."

Defensive End Phillip Daniels

On how the defense performed against the Rams:
"I felt pretty good about the way we played. Of course, we did have a few things, like a run that got out on us, and a couple of other things that happened, but overall I feel pretty good about how we played. They've got a good running back. He does a good job. [Steven] Jackson makes people miss, finds holes, and he can run over people. He's a big back. For the most part, I thought we contained him. He got the one run out on us, but take that away and I thought it was a solid day. I think we were 50 percent on third down; we've still got to correct that. Overall though, I thought guys played hard. They went out and hustled and made plays."

On how the Detroit Lions are playing:
"I haven't seen film on Detroit. I know they got my guy from Georgia back there at quarterback, so we'll see what happens. I haven't seen any film on them yet, but any team in this league can beat you. They're all professionals for a reason. We've just got to prepare this week and get ready for them."

On if the team is feeling better about the win today after reflecting overnight:
"I was happy last night. I don't know what everybody else was so sad about. It's hard to get wins in this league. I guess some guys realized we probably could have played better in areas, but overall I was happy with the win. I've been a part of it before. Being around as long as I have you see that."

Linebacker London Fletcher

On how the defense performed against the Rams:
"I think we did a better job yesterday than we did the previous week against the Giants. We made some plays and on third down we were able to get off the field. We got a couple turnovers - well, one of them was called back, but we were able to get a key turnover when they were going in for a score. I thought we really played well in the second half. For the most of the game, we did a lot of good things, like finishing the game off strong. Defensively, we did some good things. Obviously, there is room for improvement, but it's better to be talking about that after a win rather than a loss."

On losing guard Randy Thomas:
"Well, obviously it's a big blow not only to our offensive line, but to our team. Randy has been a great leader and a hard worker. He's a guy who has a tremendous work ethic and is a great guy to have around your locker room and your team. We'll miss his physical presence as well as his personality. Somebody has to step up and fill the void that is there now."

Linebacker Robert Henson

On if he wished he never heard of Twitter:
"No, I've been on there for a while and anybody who has been following me on there knows that I've never said anything negative or anything in this light."

On if he was surprised that his statements caused this much controversy:
"A little bit, but I understand the weight that my words carried and how I offended some fans. For that, again, I apologize. I updated my twitter and updated every other social network I was on and I apologized. Not because I am scared, but because it is the right thing to do. I sincerely apologize to all the fans. I hope to have a long, prosperous career here. I don't want anybody booing me and being negative towards me because if you saw me at training camp I sat out there for hours signing autographs. I love doing this and the fans are what keeps me going."

On what was thrown at him:
"I don't really want to get into it. I don't want to take anything away from the win. It's hard to win in the National Football League and it was pretty ugly, but we got it done."

On if his teammates said anything to him:
"Some of the older guys just pulled me aside and said, ‘this is some stuff you need to know when dealing with social networks and the media.'"

Wide Receiver Santana Moss

On the offense's struggles in the red zone:
"It's one of those things I can't tell you what is going on. We are out there on the field trying to do the best we can, whether we succeed at doing that or not. The game is played 60 minutes. If we don't get it once we still have several minutes in the game to try and get it the next time. If we don't get it we have to deal with whatever we have to deal with at the time. Luckily for us, this week it was all field goals." His thoughts of yesterday's game against the Rams:
"You've got to look at it like this, we won the game. We did something to win the game therefore all we can do is hang our hat on that for right now and try to hope for the best in the near future."

Center Casey Rabach

On the Detroit Lions:
"If it was not for Santana's punt return last year, we could have lost that game to a team that went 0-16. This team is looking for a win. They played Minnesota really well in the first half, then it got away from them. It's a team that is definitely able to beat us if we don't come in there a play our game."

On Chad Rinehart's improvement:
"Chad got more and more confident as training camp and OTAs went on. He understood the offense a little more and understood the technique as we talked to him. He is a different player than he was last year that is for sure."

On losing guard Randy Thomas:
"It's tough because Randy is a warrior. He's worked really hard to come back from past injuries. To get bit again like this, it's tough to see that. He's a guy that is so passionate about the game and loves playing the game so much, and then this comes and happens. But, it's part of the game. We've been through this before. Somebody is going to have to step up and fill those shoes. Awfully big shoes, but they're going to have to fill those shoes and we can't miss a beat."

On how guard Will Montgomery fit in after Randy Thomas was injured:
"I didn't even notice he was in there for a few plays, I really didn't. I came back to the huddle after the second or third play and he was in there. I said, ‘When did you come in here?' and he was like, ‘I've been in here for three plays,' and I said, "Alright, well good job.' Will's a guy that doesn't talk or say a whole lot. He asks for the call, you give him the call, and then he goes about his business. He's a guy that has started in this league before. He has some experience and he knows what the NFL is about. I think he performed well yesterday."

Guard Chad Rinehart

On how much he will benefit from playing with the rest of the starting offensive line:
"It definitely helps immensely being with Casey [Rabach] and Stephon [Heyer] and getting the calls and a feel for what they do."

On if he felt he was a different player this summer as compared to last summer:
"Definitely. It changed my perspective just knowing what I needed to work on going into the season. My whole off season focused on getting prepared for this season based on what I went through last season."

On if he was motivated by starting the first two preseason games but being inactive for the first two regular season game:
"Looking back at it, I kind of expected it because I don't play center. We are only allowed to dress seven offensive linemen. I don't play tackle. We have big Mike (Mike Williams) there, and Will [Montgomery] is able to play center and he fills in for the guards too."

On how he stays sharp as a result of being inactive for the games the last two weeks:
"I am taking the mental reps and practicing hard. I am paying attention and understanding how our offense evolves as the season goes."

Tackle Chris Samuels

On Randy Thomas's injury:
"He is one of the rocks on that line. Anytime you lose Randy [Thomas], a guy of that caliber, it is going to be tough, but we've got guys that can step in there and fill the hole."

On if he thinks Chad Rinehart and Will Montgomery can play effectively in place of Randy Thomas:
"I hope so, and I am confident that they can. I thought [Will] Montgomery did an excellent job stepping in there and playing for Randy yesterday and we managed to get the victory. I think they are capable of doing it."

On what can be done to fix the problems in the red zone:
"I think we got to execute better as players. You can talk about the play calling all you want, but every play is designed to score. There may be some things they can tweak here and there, but as players we got to just get it done."

On if the offense has progressed outside of scoring touchdowns:
"We got a victory. Any time you get a victory that is sweet. We all know we got to get a lot better than the way we played yesterday, but anytime you get the ‘W' it is going to add up and help you in the end."

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