Quotes: Coach Zorn and Chad Rinehart

See what Coach Jim Zorn and OG Chad Rinehart had to say today as Rinehart was named the starting RG.

Head Coach Jim Zorn

On the starting right guard for Sunday's game:
"We are going to start Chad Rinehart. I told both of those guys this morning. Had them both in my office and they're good, they're going to compete. You won't have to ask me the question each week because he is going to be our starter. He is not going to look behind his back. He is going to go."

On why Chad Rinehart won the starting role:
"Just what he did in preseason, how he has been coming on, and the thing that I really like about Montgomery is that he can play both positions. He is a guy that I've got to have at center and guard. That was part of the conversation as we went along."

On how much Casey Rabach will have to help Chad Rinehart:
"I think Casey has his own things to be concerned about. He will trust his teammate right next to him and they will talk. One of the things that happens is he'll talk on both sides, those guys will talk to the tackles, and tackles talk to the tight ends. We will get that all communicated. Buges (Joe Bugel) will do a great job. If there is an error out there, Buges will be all over it and he will have pictures to prove it."

On whether or not he is concerned about the young players on the offensive line:
"I can't be concerned about it because these guys have really proven that they are capable of playing. I think we are going to get better and better as we go along. Now, this first game is going to be a real indoctrination to Chad, but he has played before. He has played in tough situations before. This is something he is excited about and he will get indoctrinated very quickly."

On using the shotgun formation more often:
"We are using shotgun more, but not because of the o-line. Not because Chad is in there. We have just been using a little more shotgun. For several reasons – one, we have been effective, and two, Jason is comfortable with it. We are doing a good job there."

On injury status for Sunday's game:
"Anthony Montgomery is probable. I will have to make a decision game time to activate him or deactivate him. He is probable. I am listing Clinton [Portis] as questionable because we sat him out today. That is legit, his ankles have been sore. But we've got many guys to choose from. I expect Clinton to be out there ripping around. Mike Williams is back. He practiced full practice today. He is full go, he will be active. Smoot is full go. Jason [Campbell] is going to go."

On Clinton Portis's injury:
"He has a couple little spurs that are irritating him. No swelling, it's just hard for him. He needs to rest them. That is basically what that is."

On the possibility of Anthony Alridge being active for Sunday:
"Possibly, I've got Marcus Mason, and Alridge, and Rock [Cartwright] is up. I don't know yet."

On keeping an extra offensive lineman active against the Lions:
"I am probably not going to do that, but I could keep [D'Anthony] Batiste up as well. I haven't decided that yet."

On whether or not Will Montgomery's ability to play both center and guard was a factor in deciding who will start a right guard:
"Yes, and Chad Rinehart practiced hard and practiced well. He was very aggressive, he wanted it bad, he didn't back down, took all the challenges, studied, and he is ready to go."

On Jason Campbell's level of participation in practice:
"I kept him out on a couple of things, but he felt great. I just didn't want any setbacks."

On the importance of trust and the play calling:
"Here is what happens. I get a feel for it out here when we're putting all the stuff in, in there at night, then putting in again during the day with the players, and then watching it out here. We will have one more day tomorrow to even go over some of the stuff. On Saturday night I go over it again. We try to communicate it very well. Then in the game I am calling it, both run and pass. I kind of have a feel for what it is. The only thing we failed during the game was finishing it, catching the ball, finishing the play. I don't look at my game and go, ‘I sure hope they will do it this time.' I am calling it. I think we are going to score on every one of these plays or get a first down or get a completion. Whatever we need to do to get out there and win. That is how I call those plays."

On whether or not he has more trust in Jason Campbell:
"Yes. It really is a one-word answer. It can be answered that way because he is proving it. He's playing faster, he is playing with more confidence, we are protecting him better, and he knows where he is going with the ball because of the rhythm of the offense and the plays that we've got. He is on his way. Now, he is not perfect. I'm not either, I wish I was."

Guard Chad Rinehart

On how he feels about getting the start on Sunday against the Lions:
"It's been a long time coming. I've been working hard and I'm glad to have the opportunity to show the coaches I can play."

On what he thinks was the deciding factor in him getting the start:
"They didn't really say anything, but I just feel like I've been consistent the whole way through and they know what to expect from me going into the game."

On how excited he is to get the opportunity to start:
"I'm definitely real excited to do this. It's been a lifelong dream to play in the NFL. It's only a guaranteed one start and that's why I'm going out to give it my all."

On if he needs to show that he can do well on a weekly basis:
"I definitely think that. Obviously, they took a long, hard look at Will [Montgomery] and gave it a lot of thought and still gave me the go. So, I feel confident going forward with it."

On if he feels more confident this year:
"At this time last year, I don't know if I was ready to play. Going into this year, everything I did was with a certain mentality, just doing everything I could to be ready when my opportunity came. I feel like I'm ready now."

On if he feels anxious or nervous:
"I get a little nervous every now and then, but I [just have to look at it as] a football game, and [something that] I've done before, and just feel confident going out there and playing like I have in the past."

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