Coach Zorn and Player Quotes, Sep 28, 2009

See what Coach Zorn and several players had to say today after the loss to the Lions. Quotes included from Jim Zorn, Rock Cartwright, Chris Cooley, DeAngelo Hall, London Fletcher, Santana Moss, Casey Rabach and Fred Smoot.


On defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth's injury:
"He actually has a strained glut. It's high up on his hip I think he's going to be fine."

On how he felt the defense played:
"In this game, I felt that we didn't win the one-on-one battle in coverage at times. We had to handle two really good wide receivers and we let them catch some balls and that was an issue. I thought their strategy was a good one against us in that they max protected almost the whole day for [quarterback] Matt Stafford and he got time to throw on rhythm and they ran good routes and he got rid of the ball. The two big plays were scramble plays and we flushed him as well. Eventually we did get some pressure on him, we flushed him and yet we didn't plaster in the secondary, and what I mean by that is we didn't really hold our responsibilities and we paid for it."

On what he thinks the problem is:
"I think in the big picture, things are progressing and we're getting better. It's not coming in the wind, and we're going to continue to press on and take care of those details. I think as we've lost two games, and there are high expectations for us, we have high expectations for us, I think that creates a little bit of an issue."

On looking back at being 6-2 last year:
"I think every year is new. I don't look back, 2008 is gone. We're dealing with 2009. Guys are trying to look beyond the reality of taking care of what we have to do offensively, defensively and special teams."

On if he spoke with owner Daniel Snyder after the game:
"Not much. Having a loss and trying to get out of there and with all the press we haven't spent a lot of time talking. I'll be spending a lot of time with him as we go along this week, no question."

On how the captains are keeping up team morale:
"I think we have excellent men in that locker room. We have great captains. They handle a lot of things. I think they are doing a wonderful job at keeping our guys together and keeping the positive things that are coming out of the game and trying to alleviate some of the negative things."

On cornerback DeAngelo Hall's comments that the team had more fight last year as compared to now:
"He came in later on in the season when we were cranked up pretty good. This is the beginning of the season and we have lost two games. I don't have any problem with him saying that but I don't have a comeback for him. I think those are comments of real frustration and we are going to find ways to make a difference and make that change."

On what he needs to do to get the team to respond to him:
"I will be real to them. I don't need to yell at a bunch of men to say, ‘come on lets really go now'. I don't need to play a psychological game with them either. The thing I like to do is show them what actually happened, regroup and then make some changes if necessary and those are things our coaches will do as we go on to make little fine-tuned adjustments to find out how we can be better next week."

On the final play in Sunday's game:
"If you looked in the end zone they had both of their wide receivers standing in the back. We decided to go with a play that would give us a chance to run the ball in with an opportunity to pitch, lateral and try to get in running. That is all I can tell you about that play."

On running back Clinton Portis' physical state:
Clinton got kicked in the calf. He is doing very well. I thought he ran the ball very hard. I thought Clinton did a really nice job yesterday helping us in protection schemes as well. I think he had a good game. We only got him a few touches in the first half but we started to put things together in the second [half]. On the last drive our guys were getting gassed, even Ladell [Betts] came out and we put Rock [Cartwright] in just to get a fresh guy in there."

On guard/tackle Chad Rinehart's performance in the run game:
"I thought he did a nice job in the run game. It didn't affect my play calling at all. I thought he was decent in the passing game and we will see what happens. This will be a new week and a new team to go against and hopefully he will get that much better."

"I think he did enough [to start again this week]. I think he competed really hard. Buges (Joe Bugel) is never satisfied. I haven't talked to Buges (Joe Bugel) about what he wants to do there. He is just going to keep those guys ready to go."

On getting what he expects out of wide receiver Malcolm Kelly and wide receiver Devin Thomas:
"I think both receivers are coming on. I don't think they are where they want to be, where they need to be for us, but I think they are improving as we go along. I have seen improvement each week as we have gone along. I think Devin coming in at a supporting role has been really improving. Antwaan [Randle El] has been great. You saw what Santana Moss can do this week if we can get him uncovered, which we did. Malcolm is a big target. I think he has to continue to improve his playing speed. He has got great speed. He's just got to improve his playing speed so that he can be more effective and we are hoping we get that."

On if some of the players need a reality check in terms of what they are capable of:
"I think as coaches and players we really examine, as we lose a game like this, offensively, how we did not score touchdowns? I think with the loss, every detail is so important. We have tremendous talent on this football team. As coaches, we have to put our guys in the right spots and give them an opportunity and when they have the opportunity they need to go out and make the play. I think we are doing it at times and we have been less than that at times. I don't know if it just has to do with overall talent."

Running Back Rock Cartwright

On getting playing time on offense during Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions:
"I would've loved to win the football game, besides me getting to play a little bit of offense. I got in there because CP, (Clinton Portis) was hurt and Ladell (Betts) was a little winded, so I got my opportunity to go in there and I was able to make a couple plays and give us an opportunity to win the football game. I'm just trying to do my part."

Tight End Chris Cooley

On if he feels that execution and consistency are the only two things hindering the offense:
"Yes, I think consistency is the number one key to offense. We are not consistent. We consistently make mistakes. They are not big mistakes but we are just not doing enough of the little things right. We can't look at plays right now and say 11 guys do things right on every play. Good teams and good offenses do that. We currently are not doing that."

On if there is something larger than Xs and Os that is affecting the team:
"I think football is a game of momentum and I don't think we have a lot of momentum right now. We are going to have to find a way to overcome anything outside of Xs and Os and figure out a way to execute and do things properly. We are a good enough football team when we are doing things right to win football games."

On the cohesion of the team:
"The cohesion of this team is close. We are just not consistent enough throughout the game. We show the ability to make big plays and normal plays. Our problem is that we don't execute every time and it puts us in bad situations like penalties and sacks. We had a couple of runs for negative yards. Those are plays that really hurt us offensively."

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall

On how to foster a positive attitude among the younger guys:
"Just by leading by example; they see us still in it, still fighting, and hopefully, they'll follow suit. They haven't been in this league long enough to really form a plan for what they're going to do. They're just going to follow us. They're going to follow the guys like myself, Fletch (London Fletcher), J-Cam (Jason Campbell), CP (Clinton Portis), Tana (Santana Moss), so we've just got to lead. We've got to keep coming out and working everyday like we've been doing and try to get this thing right."

Linebacker London Fletcher

On what he can do as a captain to keep the team together:
"I think we need to get guys to stay together. That is one of the main things you got to do. We got to understand that it is the third game of the season. It is still early but we cannot allow a snowball effect to take place where one loss ends up being two, and then three, and then the next thing you know everything is out of control. We definitely need to continue to have great focus and not allow any negativity to creep in amongst us. I am not saying that has happened, but if you see it we can definitely nip it in the bud."

On what bothers him the most about the loss:
"When I looked at the Detroit Lions compared to last year's team, in the first two ball games, I saw a very competitive team, one that had a great chance to beat the Minnesota Vikings. When we went into that game we weren't looking at the fact that they had lost 19 games in a row. That wasn't our mindset. Obviously because there was so much media attention about the Lions losing 19 in a row, you hear that and it gets into the back of your mind and you realize that you are the team that lost to them. It does not make you feel good at all. I look at Detroit and I see a lot of good things in their football team, but I also know there were a lot of things that we did that didn't help ourselves win that game. When you look at it like that you are even more frustrated and more upset with the fact that you allowed yourself to lose like that."

On what the signs are when the coach loses control of the locker room:
"That hasn't happened here and I don't think it will happen. You hear about places where the locker room has kind of been that way and guys are kind of doing their own things, where there are controversies within the coaching staff and players. That hasn't happened here."

Wide Receiver Santana Moss

On whether or not Coach Jim Zorn has lost the locker room:
"No, not at all. I mean you are going to have people who say what they want to say and people have different opinions about situations. I doubt any player has told anyone that he has lost his team. I feel every week we go out there knowing that he has given us a chance to be productive on whatever he calls."

On what the team needs to do to be more productive in the red zone:
"We've got to do what we've got to do. It's a lot that has been said about everything that goes on and different people are going to have their own perspective on what should be done or what we shouldn't do. It doesn't come down to what somebody has to say about it or what somebody should call. It's all about going out there and making plays. If we call something, we've got to do it. We get down there, score a touchdown sometimes, and kick a field goal if we can't score. I just feel that there is going to be so much made of anything that you do, wrong or right. Why worry about it? Because at the end of the day darned if you do, darned if you don't. I feel like it's just about making plays and any chance we get we should take whatever is given."

Redskins Center Casey Rabach

On the team's lack of production:
"We haven't been executing, we haven't been finishing, and we haven't been putting ourselves in the best situation to win football games. That definitely showed yesterday."

On the running game's struggles being a mental issue:
"I think it is a combination of things. I think we just need to rely on the run. I think we need to believe in ourselves when the run is called. Just go out there and do our jobs like we have done in the past."

Cornerback Fred Smoot:

On cornerback DeAngelo Hall's comments about the team seeming to lack urgency in the first half:
"That's mindset, that's where that comes in. We're not going to point any fingers and say, ‘this guy's mind wasn't ready' or ‘that guy's mind wasn't ready,' because as a team, we weren't ready. I think we've seen that more than anybody in the NFL here that individuals don't win championships and don't win playoff games – teams do. That's what we've got to do - we've got to become a team. This is a bad time for us and hopefully we let it bring us together instead of split us apart."

On if the players in the locker room are still on the same page as a team:
"I think everybody's still on the same page, but it's time now for us leaders to bring everybody together to see what we are, and get our identity. I think right now we're struggling to find our identity, and we must find that in all three phases of the game."

On if there are enough vocal leaders like him on the team:
"Well yeah, yeah there are. I've got a motto, and you might not believe it's my motto, but it's, ‘do so much so loud I can't hear myself talking.' So don't worry about whose doing the talking and what's being said. Until we go out there and put it on the field it doesn't really matter because after the game the only thing that's going to be said is the Lions beat the Redskins. It's not going to be said who gave a great speech or all of that. It's not college. Nobody is going to come in here and ‘Tim Tebow' us and send us on a nine-game winning streak. It's going to take everybody to get their minds together about what we need to do, and come together and do it."

On if the players are still behind Head Coach Jim Zorn:
"Yeah, we are 100 percent. That's our coach and that's our leader. We're following him."

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