Senior Bowl Team Reports: Final Edition

After going through several micro-cassettes here is the final edition of our team reports from Senior Bowl practices. This is a collaboration posted material and overlooked observations. It is based on the efforts of three scouts that attended every practice and as you will see some teams were out in the open about their preferences while several franchises kept their interests a secret.

Arizona: Took a liking to Mark Brown and Bruce Nelson.

Atlanta: Looking intently at several offensive lineman including Ben Nowland and in the evening they spoke extensively with Tony Pashos, setting up a second interview with the huge Illini tackle. Also Gerald Hayes.

Taylor Jacobs and the offensive linemen, especially Vince Manuwai. If the Ravens look for another running back it could be Justin Fargas. Spent time over several days with Arnaz Battle and Tyrone Calico and had a sit down with Jon Stinchcomb. Terrance Edwards.

Carolina: John Fox has been very active for the Panthers; this evening he had a sit down set up with Chris Simms and is planning on meeting with Carson Palmer. We heard John Fox raving about a player though this time it was Justin Fargas that caught his eye.

Chicago: Interested in Aaron Walker. Jerry Angelo studied the quarterbacks all day Wednesday. High on Kevin Williams.

Cleveland: Had a very defensive theme as they worked the linemen and defensive backs hard.

Dallas: Cowboy scouts were raving about Marcus Trufant, though they kept referring to him as "that cornerback from Washington" and also had good words to say about Eugene Wilson and spoke of both several times. They then interviewed the injured Antonio Garray on the sidelines. Did not like Chris Simms.

Giants: Benie Joppru.

Green Bay: The Packers have most of their scouts watching the defensive linemen and a guess says they like Tyler Brayton. They also spoke to Artose Pinner at length and heavily scouted the linebackers.

Kansas City: Taylor Jacobs. Here's a story on the Chiefs and Marcus Trufant. Lynn Stiles, personnel director for the franchise began talking with Trufant and liked the cornerback so much walked Trufant over to Carl Peterson for further discussion and they then set up a time to bring in coach Dick Vermeil. The whole affair was prompted by Kansas City scout James Hasty, himself a former Wazzu player. The Chiefs also seemed to take a liking to linebacker Gerald Hayes and another corner, DeJaun Groce of Nebraska. Earlier in the day they spent time with Kevin Garrett during the South's practice. Tyrone Calico and Lance Briggs at length as well Pisa Tinoisamoa. Kevin Garrett and LaMarcus McDonald. Gerald Hayes.

Miami: Again, the Dolphins are heavily scouting offensive linemen; taking George Foster to the side for a one-on-one interview while another pair of Dolphin scouts commandeer Vince Manuwai for a long interview. Spoke with Kenny Peterson at length and Kevin Williams. Lance Briggs. Mario Haggan.

Colin Cole. This comes on the heels of the team talking with both Southern Miss prospects, Jeremy Bridges and Torrin Tucker, after Monday's practice. Anthony Davis and Sammy Davis.

New Orleans: Lots of news on the Saints, who spent the afternoon speaking with tight end Mike Pinkard, after the ASU prospect filled in for the injured LJ Smith. A source we spent extensive time with this morning said he feels the Saints will look to the defensive back seven in the draft, specifically a middle linebacker and cornerback. Safety is also a consideration and quite possibly so is offensive tackle if the team moves Kyle Turley, which is a distinct possibility. Like Domanick Davis and Justin Fargas. Michael Haynes. LaMarcus McDonald.

New York Jets: Spoke at length with Oklahoma State defensive coordinator

Oakland: Raiders super scout Mickey Marvin told us he thought Marcus Trufant was the best player here all week. Kevin Williams.

Philadelphia: Like Terrance Martin's athleticism, also Germaine Crowell and Victor Hobson at linebacker.

San Diego: Kevin Williams and Tyrone Calico. Schottenheimer liked both Vince Manuwai and Nick Eason. Taylor Jacobs.

San Francisco: Niners seemingly will look to take a wide out at some point in the draft and had the ear of Talman Gardner for a while at practice. Talked with Cecil Sapp and Tyrone Calico. Terence Edwards. Drayton Florence.

St. Louis: Tyrone Calico. Mike Martz along with other Ram scouts took hard notice of the linebackers and tight ends. Calico again. Artose Pinner.

Washington: The Redskins spent time with Todd Johnson, Tyrone Calico and often had Taylor Jacobs on the sidelines.

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