Coach Zorn and Player Quotes, Sep 30, 2009

See what Coach Zorn and several players had to say today after practice.

Head Coach Jim Zorn

On injuries:
"There were four guys that didn't practice today. Albert Haynesworth has a little hip problem. I suspect that he is going to continue to improve all week. Mike Sellers didn't practice today. He still has that quad bruise but we're trying to keep him moving and keep that thing lose. Clinton Portis got kicked in the calf so he wasn't able to practice today. I expect that he'll improve as the week goes on as well. Carlos Rogers didn't practice today, but I think he'll practice sooner than anybody as we get going along here. He just needed a day to get himself feeling better. Those are the only four guys that missed practice."

On Albert Haynesworth's injury:
"It's just a little strain. It's keeping him from working laterally but I expect him to be out there at the end of the week."

On Albert Haynesworth coming back in the game on Sunday after being injured:
"I'm so proud of what he did as far as coming back in the game. He knew he could play. He knew it wasn't going to be dangerous to go back in and play. He just had to deal with some of the pull, and he did, and got through it."

On what fundamental aspects were lacking in Sunday's game:
"That's one of the things that we're trying to adjust to as coaches, we're responsible for that. We're trying to pay more attention to the little things. A hesitation, jumping off sides, a low throw, and all the little details it takes to be perfect. That's what we're trying to coach. Our players are working very hard. They're giving a tremendous effort. Even out here today they worked, they really put effort in. They did not go through the motions. That's what I always look for and I thought we coached hard as well today. So we're all working together."

On his assessment of the run blocking so far:
"I have been very frustrated with our run game. Just from not being able to call enough runs. The last game we had 18 plays in the first half and I called five runs. We got better in our run game in the second half. I wish I would have called more in the first half, or had more plays to call."

On if he tries to get involved in defensive game planning with Greg Blache:
"Greg and I have spoken and we have been on the same page the whole time. We've had some good conversations."

On how much he worries about his job security with the team:
"None. Why would I worry about my job security? We're three games into the season and we're working to win."

On tackle Stephon Heyer playing the veteran role:
"I think he's holding his own. We have to communicate now. He's got to be a better communicator because we've got a younger guy (Chad Rinehart) in there. It's not the toughness, it's not knowing what to do. It's communicating when adjustments have to be made. Those two guys are working to try to get that done. That's the nitty gritty of how he has to rise up because he had a veteran guard next to him and there was some comfort level there. Now he's the veteran. He's done very well. He's very attentive and he studies well. They (Rinehart and Heyer) just need to get a feel for each other. I think Casey Rabach does a very good job in his communication down the line. They just have to keep passing it along and get a feel for it. The hardest part for a new guard coming in at a tackle position is working stunts, and being able to pass things off. That's what they've been improving on."

On how he feels about Tampa Bay's quarterback Josh Johnson:
"We like him. We had him here in the building. He's a great kid. He came out with Colt Brennan. He's very athletic and he won a lot when he was at University of San Diego. He can really run and throw the ball. I think he's got to be very excited about his opportunity. I think he'll be dangerous."

On how he felt running back Clinton Portis played last week:
"I thought he was very good last week. I noticed more explosiveness from him in the ball game, especially in the second half. The first half we got stopped. Our run game wasn't as good in the first half with our five runs as it was in the second. But we started getting pushed down the field, and our offensive line really started coming off the ball and that's what I want to continue. I want to continue the presence of our run game on the field. We are going to run the ball and mix it up."

Quarterback Jason Campbell

On his physical condition:
"Physically I feel pretty good. Last week I hurt my foot and then last Sunday I played with it. I was able to move around on it as much as possible to make some things happen. I am looking forward to being 100 percent this week."

On what he has done this week as a leader:
"We talk to guys, we try to inspire guys. They choose captains in the beginning of the year for the season and it is our job to inspire guys. When we play on Sunday we play with a sense of urgency, excitement and fun. When you make a play or something, just have fun. I think that is the thing that we've been missing because we've been worried about everything that is going on. When we won, we felt like we lost because of everything we have to hear about. I think that is what guys took away from the game, having fun, because they think, ‘no matter what we do they are going to get ravaged.' So I told them that we need to get rid of all of that. It is time for us to start having fun again. Win games, play with a sense of urgency, push each other a little harder, and let it all go."

On how he talks to his teammates:
"You go around, talk to guys and get what they are feeling or what their mood is like during all of this. Then you just try to encourage them. Not just encourage, but we need to take a step forward and step up to make plays happen."

On if this period is as tough as the past few years have been for him:
"It is one of the toughest. It doesn't compare to losing a teammate though. That is just something you can't replace. But the way we've started out the season has been a tough situation to be in. But at the end of the day we are 1-2 and there are a lot of games left ahead of us. It is a 13-game season for us right now. In order to get where we want to go we need to change some things now:
our mentality, our inspiration, and everything we need to do in order to win games. We need to do it now, we can't wait and there is no time to waste. We are in a position right now that it isn't too late."

On if you are trying to prove you are a franchise quarterback:
"I just want to keep us rolling and go out there are and create some excitement and some inspiration and play a little better. You challenge each guy to elevate their game another step."

On Clinton Portis' past few games:
"Well last game we had the ball eight minutes in the first half and we needed to convert more third downs. Keep ourselves on the field and give ourselves more of an opportunity to establish our run game. For the second half we need to pass the ball a lot because of the situations that came up. We definitely want to get our running game going because it helps us a lot as an offense. We're able to use our play action and we're able to do more things on our offense."

On if he is worried about Coach Jim Zorn's job:
"No, that is for everyone on the outside. For all of us on the inside he is our head coach, we are all supporting him. We're going to continue to go out there fighting, get this thing on the right track and bring this team back together."

On everyone being on the same page this week:
"Yeah, we are all on the same page. There is no need to panic or start getting frustrated because if you get into that mode then it creates tension and you are forcing things. You aren't just playing the game, you are forcing it. We just took a step back and a lot of guys were emotional after the game, but it is Wednesday and everyone has settled down. All of us are ready to move forward and we understand that in order to move forward in a positive way we all need to be on the same page. There is not one guy here, or there. It is all of us. That is the only way we are going to get this thing done."

On if the offense is better at running than setting up the pass or vice versa:
"When you go into a game it isn't predicated whether you are going to run it or set up a pass. You just try to attack what the defense is doing. In certain situations against the Detroit Lions we thought we could move the ball in the air a little bit more, and we did for the most part. We just didn't get as many points on the board that we would have liked or enough to win the game. Once we caught our momentum and got into our rhythm it was a little too late."

Running Back Clinton Portis

On how much pain he is in with his ankle injuries:
"My ankles are fine. I'm good."

On if he is worried about Head Coach Jim Zorn's job:
"Why would I be worrying about Jim Zorn? I'm worrying about my own job."

On how long his ankles have been bothering him:
"About two years. They're fine."

On his bone spurs:
"I always had bone spurs, they just haven't been as irritating as they've been the past few weeks. It just got to the point where as soon as I stop after running, it just got really irritating."

On what he can do to alleviate the pain:
"Keep going into the training room. Right now they actually feel fine. I'm doing a lot of work getting them right, and I think they're healing well."

On if it's a concern that he is missing extensive practice time in the beginning of the season:
"It's not a concern for me. I know how to go out and play without practice. It might be an issue for you all, but I can go out and play. I think I'm in shape. You watched me play in the game on Sunday, and I think I picked up my assignment, and I knew my assignment. I know what I'm supposed to do, and I try to get it done."

On if the adversity they have faced so far this season will make them stronger as a team:
"I hope it does. People are ready to throw in the towel, but it's Week 4 in the NFL season and there are a lot of teams in the same situation as us. I think for us as a team we know the talent that we have and I think we have an opportunity to go and do something special. We've still got a long season ahead of us, just like last year when we were 6-2, we didn't win the Super Bowl at 6-2. Our season's not over and we've got to continue to go out and play."

On if Dan Snyder is frustrated:
"I think everybody over here is frustrated. It's the NFL. You can't let them say, ‘oh this is a win, this is a win, that's a win,' and when you got the opportunity to win games, you lose them. We talked about that after the Rams. It was like, ‘you guys played the Rams close and almost lost,' but we won. And we go to Detroit and we lose, it's like, ‘if only you all would have won by one.' Now that we've lost it's okay if we would have barely beat the Lions. It's always going to be something, we've just got to find a way to come out and win games."

On if everyone is on the same page about getting this season back on track:
"I don't think people feel like we're far off. I think we're going to watch film as a team and we'll see what we did wrong. It's not like there's some bickering in the locker room, and guys are like, ‘this guy sucks, and this guy can't play, we need to get rid of him.' We know where we go wrong. That's why it's so easy to come here and have hope and say that we know we're going to get it right. It's only a matter of time before the plays that we miss out on, we hit. You take everything that happened in that game, if we score on the goal line, we win. Despite every other play that happened in that game, it's one play that could change the game."

On if the running game is going to the left side too often, and should switch up directions more often:
"Well you can run middle, left, or right."

On if the team needs to run the ball more to start winning:
"We've got to put up more points to start winning. However we decide to put up points, that's what we've got to do."

On if he feels like he can do what he wants on the football field considering the pain in his ankles:
"I actually feel like I can. My ankles are much better. The first two weeks I really couldn't even sit in position to pass block. I think right now, as far as my ankles, I can run around, I can stop, and I can cut. The treatment that I've been getting, the new program that I've been on, is working great. Right now my ankles don't have any pain. It's just unfortunate for me that I've got a calf contusion. I think I'll be fine. There's going to be wear and tear. This is the NFL, and I'm going to go out and continue to play, and give everything I've got."

On if playing from behind the last two weeks against St. Louis and Detroit has prohibited the offense from establishing the running game:
"I don't think playing from behind is being down seven points. I don't think we've been behind. A team got a possession more than we got, and they were up. We come out at half time with the opportunity to get that possession back. Whatever the coach calls, we've got to go out and execute it."

On if he has become more vocal since the team has been struggling:
"We've got 20 people walking around the locker room with ‘hoo-rah' talks, and pumping guys up saying, ‘let's do it, we can do it baby.' It's Week 3. I don't think it takes pumping up a guy, or putting a guy in the car and saying, ‘let's go have a one-on-one.' I think we've got to just go out and make plays. I don't think this is a time of panic. Some people are saying, ‘let's not panic, we're going to be alright,' but they're walking around saying, ‘come on baby, we need you, we need you.' Everybody on this team knows what they're accountable for, and everybody on the team knows that we need them. I would hate for a guy to come to me and say, ‘come on C.P. baby stick with us.' I'm sticking with you and I'm going to give you everything I got. It's only a matter of time before I have a 200-yard game, and it's only a matter of time before I have a 150-yard game. It's only a matter of time before I get two or three touchdowns. It's just the fact of when it's coming. I know it's coming, but when? It's like, ‘are you going to have 150 yards Sunday?' I would love to have 150 yards Sunday, but if I don't, I'm not quitting football. I'm going to go out and play, and if I get it fine, if I don't, then back to the drawing board." "We've got to go out and play as a team, we've got to go out and play team ball. Everybody has to be held accountable for what they do. Everybody's got to man up and just step up and do their job. I don't think there's any, ‘this person, this person, that person.' We're going to man up, do our jobs, and get it done."

Receiver Antwaan Randle El

On how the Redskins view their next opponent:
"I think we look at them as just another football team, the same way we looked at the Lions. When we lost, we lost a football game. No matter who you play. It's the same thing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They're another NFL football team. They have great talent. But we have to worry about ourselves, getting our team ready from top to bottom. If we focus on ourselves we will be better this week than last week."

On the teams playing ability:
"We understand that we haven't been playing well and haven't put the best product out there. But we also know that we can play better, and play ready to win. We know that it is a sense of urgency, we want to go and get some wins like we did last year and keep that fire going. We understand where we at, we understand the highs and lows as well. We want to keep the highs as much as possible and try to eliminate the lows."

Cornerback Carlos Rogers

On getting back to basics on the defensive side of the ball:
"It's a combination of a lot of things. I think we need to just get back to playing football, narrowing things down, and stop thinking too much. We just need to have a swagger, or identity, about ourselves. It's kind of like we're just stiff out there. You all know me - I'm going to celebrate - and I haven't really been celebrating and haven't really been doing anything. We just need to have fun and let loose. Our season isn't over, it's just three games. Last year we were 6-2, and came up 2-6 on the back end. We'd rather have it like this, and hopefully we can get these losses out of the way and turn this thing around."

On if he has been disappointed with the defense as a hole thus far:
"No doubt. With the guys we had last year, and we brought in more guys to better our defense, and it's a disappointment just for everybody. It starts individually and you work around, and everybody just has to step up."

On why other teams are having so much success against the defense on third downs:
"I don't know, it's just something that is hard to figure out. We've got the tools, we've got the plays, and we've got everybody to get things done. It's not anything we're doing different from last year, so we've just got to come together and do it."

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