Midweek Report

Here is a look at what is going on around Redskins Park as the Redskins prepare for the Bucs.

Locker room topic:

Two topics dominated the discussion – the run game and recovering from an ugly loss. There's no doubt that the players want to run the ball more and feel that's what they do best. Remember, many of them are hangovers from the Gibbs era and when they got in crisis mode, they turned to the ground. Linemen and backs always want to run more, but even the receivers understand what their identity should be. The other topic was how there's a lot of time left in the season and that's why nobody is about to panic.

The vibe:

The Redskins were much more relaxed and calm after facing the heat on Sunday and Monday. They appeared loose and most seemed as if it were any other week. And not a week where their coach is catching all sorts of heat, the organization itself is under fire and the players are being picked apart. Don't get us wrong, there is lingering tension at Redskins Park and you can feel it. But that wasn't generated by the players or coaches; they seemed loose.

Aches and pains:

Four starters missed practice – FB Mike Sellers (quad), DT Albert Haynesworth (hip), CB Carlos Rogers (ankle) and RB Clinton Portis (calf). All are expected to play Sunday.

Taking the heat:

National media have jumped on the Redskins bandwagon this week; and not in a good way. ESPN and t he NFL Network were here Monday and another national TV type was in town Wednesday. Gave Jim Zorn another chance to answer the question: Are you worried about your job security. Zorn doesn't seem to understand why these questions get asked, though he does a good job of answering them without seeming to be curt. But those questions will get real old real soon. The answer? Win games of course. But Zorn also needs to be reminded of history lessons at Redskins Park. Every coach but Joe Gibbs was under heat the minute things started to go poorly.

Chalk talk:

Two plays that failed Sunday were the goal-line fourth-down run when Sellers failed to go to the correct hole and clear out the one linebacker in his way. Would have been a touchdown. And on the failed fade route to Malcolm Kelly, he drifted too soon off the line of scrimmage, leaving Jason Campbell little room to complete the pass.

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