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One beef among those in the organization is how will things be run in the offseason. It's clear that Dan Snyder will listen to a series of people and one person won't have all the power.

But here's the fear at least of some: there's no blueprint or one common philosophy that helps lead everyone to a final decision. And, one front office person said, having Joe Mendes and Vinny Cerrato as the two closest to Snyder's ear is not good.

Their philosophies are too different. Mendes takes his time to make decisions, preferring caution over speed#=but he takes too long, one source said. Why does that matter? Because Cerrato will jump in, force a quick decision by Snyder and move on, regardless if the move was good or bad.

That's why one front office person was pessimistic about the upcoming season, predicting six wins. We're not about to second that--too much remains to be seen about how things really will be handled--but it does make you wonder.

But it is clear that the Redskins need to develop a common philosophy: it's not just about getting all the best players; it's about getting the right players. It's much easier to find those players when there's a defined philosophy.

. . . Bobby Mitchell's last day as assistant general manager will be Jan. 31. When he leaves the Redskins will lose one of their last links to the past. Mitchell served the organization well in his role as ambassador. His role diminshed the past few years, but he was always good to have around.

No one told a better story than Mitchell, the first black player in franchise history. He recalled going to restaurants early in his career and being spit at. He remembers the pressure of running for the entire black community, a burden he handled well. Just look at the results.

When he leaves, it's yet another reminder of how much things have changed at Redskins Park. The links to the past have dwindled considerably and it's hard to get that back. Only ex-trainer Bubba Tyer, now an administrator, provides that link.

All things eventually change; that doesn't mean they're for the better, or even worse, or that they're welcomed. It's just the way it is. In this case, that's too bad.

. . . The Redskins have allocated five players to NFL Europe: defensive lineman Mike Cecere, receiver Justin Skaggs, running back Robert Gillespie, offensive lineman Akil Smith and defensive back Bruce Branch. NFL Europe training camp begins in March in Tampa.

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