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The Daryl Gardener saga is far from over. And it appears Redskins owner Dan Snyder is at the heart of the situation.

We heard that Snyder is handling the negotiations, which could prove to be a mistake. Apparently, he told the defensive tackle he would pay for an insurance policy. One problem: that would count against the salary cap, which Snyder didn't realize.

And it cost much more than the Redskins owner thought it would. But Gardener wanted Snyder to stick by what he said and pay for the policy, one holdup in the negotiations. Also, Snyder told Gardener and his agent, Neil Schwartz, that if healthy Gardener would command $10 million on the open market.


Now Gardener's side is trying to hold Snyder to those words, telling him he could split a $10 million bonus over two seasons, paying the second half if Gardener stays healthy. Snyder doesn't want to do that. This is why, a few days ago, it looked like Gardener went from a near deal to no deal in one day.

All of this could prove troublesome, but everything can be overcome. Just look at the Jon Jansen deal. Several hours before agreeing to the deal, Jansen was still telling people he'd be elsewhere next season. Things change that fast.

Also, Gardener, who is now out of town, still wants to stay here. He's told people in the organization that he wants to be more of a team leader. He wants to be more out front with the media, hoping that helps him reach his goal of making the Pro Bowl. He'd like to play at least another three years and he's realistic about the concerns surrounding his back.

Some in the organization are encouraged by what he's said in the offseason. Now we'll just see if they can get him signed.

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