Vinny Cerrato's Best Move as a Redskin

One of the best moves ever made by Vinny Cerrato was not raising the stakes in an effort to trade for Jay Cutler. It could have led to multiple draft picks lost and for a QB that is not a true upgrade at the position.

First, let's review what the Bears gave up for Jay Cutler and a 2009 5th round pick:

QB Kyle Orton
2009 1st round pick (18)
2009 3rd round pick (84)
2010 1st round pick (Currently will be between the 7th and 10th pick)

Now, let's have a look at the stats of both of those QB's:

Jay Cutler: 294/487, 60.7%, 3117 yards, 19 TD, 25 INT, 31 sacks, 71.1 Rating, 5-9 Record

Kyle Orton: 277/444, 62.4%, 3,182 yards, 17 TD, 8 INT, 24 sacks, 89.2 Rating, 8-6 Record

Now, let's have a look at the stats of the QB Cutler was being sought for the replacement of:

Jason Campbell: 260/398, 65.3%, 2,946 yards, 17 TD, 12 INT, 33 sacks, 89.0 Rating, 4-9 Record

Say what you want, but honestly, the Redskins have the better QB this season statistically speaking between him self and Jay Cutler. Add to that fact, Kyle Orton is only performing slightly better than Jason Campbell as well. All three teams have their share of the problems, but the Redskins clearly have the worst of it with the injuries to the Offensive Line, a Lame Duck Head Coach and a change at Play Caller mid-season.

I know many fans want a change at QB and it is understandable. While Jason Campbell has put up better stats than Jay Cutler, the fact is, he does not appear to be a winner in the fans' eyes. This is no surprise as Jason Campbell has not been a come back type of QB. In fact, stats show that he is at his best when the Redskins are winning or losing by a large margin. When the game is close, his stats dip substantially. Of course, a coach and talent scout will have to make the determination if that is only on the shoulders of Jason Campbell. A winner is what the Redskins need next season no matter who the coach is.

However, as bad as fans want a change at QB, it should also be noted that a change to Jay Cutler would not have been a good change. When you factor in the price the Bears paid for him, his performance this season, and his being compaired to Jeff George attitude wise, this trade would have been a huge mistake for the Redskins.

So it stands to reason that the refusal to offer more than the Bears might just be the best move Vinny Cerrato ever made, or didn't make, for the Washington Redskins.

As far as next season goes, this is where it gets interesting. If the rumors of Mike Shanahan to the Redskins come true and he is the next coach, would he then try to acquire Jay Cutler since he is familiar with him? One would think it is at least possible. However, one would also think that due to his performance this season, the price would not be nearly as steep.

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