As Expected, Redskins Fire Jim Zorn

The Redskins did not hesitate in firing Jim Zorn, opting to do it in the early hours of Monday Morning after the team arrived back from San Diego.

"The status quo is not acceptable," Allen said. "I felt it was necessary to not waste a moment of time building this team into a winner."

As I already wrote about earlier, I do think Jim Zorn got a raw deal in Washington from the get go. That being said, Jim Zorn also made many mistakes on his own that probably make his firing warranted:

  • Punt Returner: Fans asked all year why Randel El was continued to be allowed to do virtually nothing in the return game. His first good return came yesterday, in week 17 of the season.

  • Jason Campbell's Development: This one is a sticky situation and very heated on message boards. For all intents and purposes, this was Zorn's primary reason for being in Washington. There is no denying that Jason Campbell has improved and had a career year stats wise. However, it simply isn't enough development to warrant the Redskins keeping him as the franchise starter.

  • Play Calling: Zorn started becoming known for quirky play calls. Fake Field Goal fiasco against the Giants ring a bell? When you have your play calling taken, and a retired offensive coordinator comes in from calling Bingo games and gets the offense to produce more, that speaks volumes.

  • Player favoritism: The handeling of the Defensive Backs still irks me a little bit. Why do you bench a Corner for biting on double moves but continue to let LaRon Landry play the way he has played all season? I realize that Zorn probably left this decision to Greg Blache, but that is no excuse. The Head Coach is ultimately responsible.

  • 6-2 start to 12-20 two year record: This one also speaks volumes. Early last season, when the offense still was not producing as much as it should, the defense bailed them out quite a bit. This started not happening and the lack of offensive production starting really hurting the Redskins.

  • 3-9 NFC East Record including 0-6 this season: Anyone who is anyone knows that these games are a bench mark for a team in this division. You simply must be able to win games in the NFC East to have any shot at the playoffs.

  • So there is the laundry list and it is quite a list. While I think that Jim Zorn got a raw deal in Washington, the fact is, he did agree to be the Head Coach.

    In the end, the head coach was held accountable for the last two seasons as it should be. Everyone has opinions about how he was let go. The rumors starting weeks ago and all of that stuff. It is fine if you disagree with how it went down, but that doesn't change the fact that it probably needed to go down.

    Now, the bigger question is, what happens to the assistant coaches? According to ESPN980, Bruce Allen is meeting with them as I type this.

    There is never a dull moment in the off season for the Redskins.

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